Friday, October 16, 2009

It really is growing!

Tonight I put tiny little pony tails in Kendi's hair! LOL! They were pitiful little things, but there is NO WAY I could have done this a month ago when she came home. Her hair really is growing!

She was such a good girl while I did her hair. You could tell she's seen the girls at Eban House getting their hair done. I took her to the bathroom to see it after we were done and she was SO PROUD! I wish I could have captured that moment on my camera. At Eban House, when the girls' hair finally grows out long enough to put puffs in, it is a BIG deal.

Kendi's first do. October 16th, 2009. 28 months old. Random tiny puffs with no puff. They lasted for about 20 minutes before I took them out for fear of damaging her finally growing hair. =-)


adopted1 10:31 PM  

So cute! Look what good nutrition will do! I love her earrings. My 2 year old has them (studs though). Do you have trouble with the hoops getting caught on stuff? Blessings, Jennifer

A. Gillispie 10:46 PM  

Jennifer, thanks for your comment! In Ghana the girls usually have their ears peirced soon after birth, and hoops are usually what I see the girls in. When Kendi came home she had on silver hoops that were probably 1/3 of an inch in diameter. They got caught on things sometimes, but she's always really good about yelping! No harm done. The other day I bought her current earrings. They are dangly, but not hoops. They are working even better. Without her earrings so many people mistake her for a boy, so we're staying dangly!

Shonni 8:46 AM  

Yes, she is so cute!

Chantelle 10:19 AM  

Adorable little "puffs"! :)

adopted1 2:58 PM  

Thanks for the response. I fell in love with earrings on baby girls when we lived in Brazil. Handy too, because you could tell who was a boy and who was a girl. But then we adopted three boys. I was pretty sure I'd never get to do the earring thing. Then God let us adopt a baby girl and I caved to everyone around me saying "she's too young for earrings." That is, I caved until she turned 2! Then she got the earrings and I think it's just too cute. My blog has Savannah's picture.
Anyway, thanks for answering, I may try something dangly some time.
Blessings, Jennifer

Megan 9:51 PM  

She is adorable! Pretty soon she will have a full head of "puffs"!!