Saturday, October 17, 2009

Crochet Addiction

It's true. I really think I'm addicted. The intense urges to have yarn laying across my fingers; the automatic movements of my fingers as the needle weaves in and out. I CRAVE them this time of year. If I deprive myself this one thing, I will crochet in my sleep (yes, it's true!). Yes, I'm addicted to crochet.

I'm working on an afghan right now (for whom I have no idea). But Friday I saw this too cute brown "Fiesta" yarn at Walmart that had to come home with me! This little skein of yarn was yelling, "Make hats out of me! Cute girly hats!"
Last night I reminded my self how to make hats (thank goodness for online patterns). This morning I got going with Taevy's. Then this evening I made Kendi's. They came out pretty cute! It amazes me when I go on and see people selling simple crochet hats (with less embelishment than I used for the two I made today) for $8-$15. But I guess that's the going rate. Glad I can make my kids' own hats! LOL! The important thing is that the girls are very happy with them. And mommy had fun making them.


Jen 11:25 PM  

Too stinkin cute! Brown is my favorite color so I LOVE the yarn! Great job, I am impressed!

Kerry 6:22 AM  

I LOVE crochet, too! I find it hard to sit and do nothing, so crochet helps me with the need to be at work on something. Baby L has a hat almost finished and I'm starting on my older daughter's today. The boys are trying to convince me that theirs are too small and they need new ones, too. (I found nifty "camo" wool yarn last year.)

Lovely hats, Anita!

Brown Eyed Blessings 7:18 AM  

Very cute! I've never been able to get the hang of crochet but I do enjoy knitting.

Ericka 8:47 AM  

Those are seriously cute.
You have a true talent!

Chantelle 10:23 AM  

I have no clue how to crochet. You've surely got the gift though! The brown & pink is my favorite... so cute!!

At the Foot of the Cross 11:40 AM  

I see yarn I love and just start making afghans. I've been crocheting for over 35 years and I have NO NEED for afghans. Thus I have a stockpile that get donates or given when the need arises.

Salzwedel Family 5:28 PM  

They are adorable! I just started teaching myself how to knit. Maybe crochet will be my next adventure.

whenpigsfly 7:52 AM  

Cute cute!!!! I'm not as fanatic about crocheting every time I sit down as I used to be, but I too love the art! We have amny Mamma-made items around our house, adn each of our children hasa "Welcome home" blanket crocheted by me as I waited for each of the mto come home, or be born...whatever. I love going dainty and ding doily Chirstmas ornamensts from time to time too. Once your finges adjsut to the fine-ness of that tiny hook and "String" yarn, cranking out angles and snowflakes is SUPER FAST! Starched , they are lovely on a Chirstmas tree, a gift package hanging from your rearview mirror if you are "that kind of person" (I am) Did you amke amy more summer halter tops for Taevy this year? Those were real cute too!

Megan 9:49 PM  

Way too cute!! I hope to pick up crocheting again this winter with my 8 year old daughter. I am counting on it all coming back!!


Laurel 1:45 AM  

Adorable! I used to crochet ... about 35 years ago ... wonder if it's like riding a bike ... could I remember if I picked up a crochet hook (and got a pattern online)???

Two of my daughters love to crochet, so I guess I could get some lessons from them.

The only thing I buy yarn for nowadays is ... Yarn Braids. They keep my fingers busy for hours on end.