Monday, October 19, 2009

Cute things and Not-so-Cute things...

Cute: Samren piping up in the back seat..."Mommy, I have so many questions I NEED answers to, but only God can answer them once I'm in heaven." Taevy says, "Yeah, like 'Do dogs to to heaven?'" Samren says, "No! Like, 'Who changes all the billboards?'" Deep thoughts Samren. Good grief!

Not-So-Cute: The sounds of the littles saying, "Mama, I poop." Ugh. Both of them had major diarrhea today. I mean, this stuff was the diarrhea that kicks normal diarrhea's butt! This was colored stinky water all over my carpet and my kids' coats (which were on the floor in the way of the kick butt diarrhea), and the car. My house wreaks! Thankfully (in this case) Bright eats pills like they are candy, so he happily chomped down a pepto pill. Kendi's got a bit of a fever, but we're just pretending it's not there. We're in sickness denial.

Cute: Both of the little kids sleeping in one tiny play pen. They totally love each other. We thought it best to keep Bright downstairs tonight too, in case nature calls in the middle of the night. They were so happy to go to bed in that tiny play pen, and actually went to sleep in record time! Kendi was crying a bit and I heard Bright say, "Don't cry Kendi. Mama left de light on fo' us. She was nice!"

Okay, off to bed. I'm meeting with a local adoption agency to discuss Ghana adoptions tomorrow, at their request. I'm so much better online than in person. I'm stressing bigtime. =-(



Chantelle 5:42 AM  

Too much poop!! Hope today smells fresher! ;)

Kristin Jag 1:28 PM  

Okay. That was the cutest with what Bright said! Sounds like Fia and Kwame to me too. I also love Samren's deep thoughts!

Hope everyone is doing better today!