Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Where is Sammy's Shoe?

Samren has lost his brand new pair of $18 tennis shoes. We are so frustrated with him! As Eric and I were lamenting our son's absentmindedness, I remembered this silly poem I wrote one day when he was two. You guessed it, he had lost his shoe. =-)

Where is Sammy’s Shoe?

One shoe off and one shoe on. Where could Sammy’s shoe have gone?

Is it in the backyard? Let’s go see.

Do you think? Could it be? Could it be behind that tree?

This tree is certainly big enough. But why would it want a shoe? What would a tree do with a shoe when after all; he has a trunk, but no feet?

Nope. It’s not there. I just don’t see it anywhere!

Where oh where could the other shoe have gone? I wonder, do you think that’s it, over there, on the lawn?

Here we are in the itchy-scritchy grass. But alas, it’s not here. I don’t suppose the grass needs a shoe--only some fertilizer, and a cutting or two.

Oh look! Behind the shed! I see a white something peaking out. Let’s go look into it further. Let’s find out if we can figure out what the white something is all about.

Oh brother. That’s no shoe. It’s only a little field mouse gathering up the dew.

I’m starting to get worried that we’ll never find this shoe. Sammy’s mother will be furious if he catches the flu.

I just thought of one more place to look. We haven’t explored the place yet in this book. First we must find Sammy.
Do you see him? Where?! Oh I see him now. He’s just over there.

Now that we’ve found Sammy we must explore him good. One shoe is still on where a shoe should be. But the other, I’m afraid is still missing you see.

Let’s start by looking where the shoe was last. Yes, that place would be his foot. Now make your eyes go up, up, up. Are you where I am? Are you all the way up to his book?
[Imagine the illistration--two year Sammy holding a book.]

Oh wow! I think I see it! Have you found the shoe? Sammy boy, please tip your book so my friend can see it too!

Well wouldn’t you just know it? Isn’t that a riot? The whole time we’ve been looking for his shoe, Sammy was just learning to tie it!

Sammy James Henry Don, with one shoe off and one shoe on! Tying practice is over now. Put on your shoe—and do it now!!
In other news...we're still super poopy around here. Ugh.


Chantelle 1:11 PM  

cute poem! (and sorry about the continuing poop!) :-[