Wednesday, October 28, 2009

A New Day

Ahhhhh... Today was definitely a better day than yesterday. =-) Here are some highlights....
The flat tire from yesterday was fixed for free today! We went to a tire place that takes care of your tires for their life, if you purchase from them. We haven't bought tires since we purchased our truck over a year ago. Turns out, they were purchased from this place, so no charge for the fix! First blessing of the day.

I don't think I've mentioned that Eric has MRSA infections again--all over one side of his face. Not so good. But last night we started the IV antibiotics to fight it, which is very good. Already looking a lot better. I'm just so thankful we're in America were we can get medicine to help him. Something so small might kill him in lots of other places in the world. So thankful.
The big kids were just awesome today. Kendi has given me her cold, so (honestly!) I laid down for a nap this morning. While I was asleep the big kids did all of their reading, English, Math, and handwriting for the day. They also did a load of laundry. What a blessing.
Kendi was a different person today! She feels even worse than yesterday, but we had very few fits. Fewer than a "normal" day. I honestly think yesterday was a greiving day for her. She ended the day yesterday with a "time in" that lasted 2 hours until she gave it up and fell alseep. She doesn't RAGE. She just cries and whines. Maybe something clicked for her. She's been so different today. She seems much more at piece.
Last but not least, we got the mouse! For the last 3 days, when the little kids are asleep at their nap and the big kids and I are in the living room doing school work quietly, this little mouse has been making fun of us from over by the dishwasher. We found a trap, baited it with peanut better, and set it by the dishwasher. For the next few days we watched as the mouse got fatter on the peanut butter but never set off the trap. Today I realized I had set the trap incorrectly. It would have taken a swamp rat to set the thing off! After resetting it correctly, voila! Dead mouse!

P.S. The pics are just random of the little ones. They were picking up pecans and in such good humor. I love Kendi's cheesy smile, as that is the real her. =-)


Chantelle 8:18 AM  

SWEEEEEEEET pictures!! Love the big flower on the head band! Did you make that?