Monday, November 09, 2009

No Nudred for me!

I'm so excited!

THIS took about an hour a night for 4 nights. Then this weekend I found THIS and thought I MUST have it because it would save so much time with Bright's hair! The NuDred looked totally cool. I was looking forward to next pay day so I could order it.

But tonight, on a whim, I did this WITH MY HAND in about 5 minutes! That's right! I took some hair lotion, and with the palm of my hand, I started going in a circular motion just like they do with the NuDred. But only using my hand. Voila! Coils! These aren't quite as defined as the ones I would do individually, but....FIVE MINUTES! LOL! So if you have a little boy, don't want to spend $30 on a NuDred, and don't want to spend hours putting individual coils in, try it!

The only thing I will say is that you have to be pretty aggressive (like the videos of using the NuDred). Bright didn't enjoy it, but he liked the result. He loves his coils. He even took off the pink wig tonight! =-)


Nadia 8:51 PM  

you can use a boar bristle brush to get the same look. rub it in small forms small coils!!

whenpigsfly 12:24 PM  

I'm taking notes!!!

Amy 8:49 AM  

Very cute Miss Anita! I have SO been enjoying seeing your family all together over the past couple of months. I still think of you often my sweet friend!

Love ya,

Bingaling 4:59 PM  

I love it! I wonder if Theo would let me do this to his hair....his hair texture might be well suited for this look. I know Enoch would LOVE it...but I'm not sure his hair texture would work. I just chopped their hair off, so when it gets a little longer, I'm going to try it.

Keep letting us know if you change your technique - I'm taking notes!

Christine 3:03 PM  

Looks great!