Monday, November 09, 2009

Birthday Weekend

This weekend we celebrated 4 autumn birthdays! My mom and step-dad, sister and her partner, and niece Mia came down from Kansas for a party, since we are sort of "stuck" here in Tulsa until Eric gets the call for his kidney transplant. It was so nice of them to come! My kids are missing their Kansas family so much. In fact, three of four where crying when Grandma and Grandpa B. pulled out of the drive Saturday night!

It was a very warm weekend--80 degrees! NOT my favorite kind of weekend in November, but the kids loved it. We went to a local park to play. We also took our buckets to pick up pecans. Hee hee. My kids still find this fun at their age, and I use it for all I can! We have two huge pecan trees in our yard. We collect them and use them for all of our winter baking. This year's harvest isn't very good though, so I was hoping to collect some at the part. The ones at the park were TINY though, so that was sort of a bust.

The kids had a great time playing with their grandparents at the park. Then we headed home for the birthday party. We were celebrating Bright's 4th (October 4th), Mia's 6th (November 11th), Samren's 8th (November 10th), and Taevy's 9th (September 17th). We made 3 different kind of cupcakes, and put candles for each child in their own cupcake.
The kids had a blast opening up their gifts. It was like Christmas with 4 kids opening gifts! Samren's favorite was a 10 pack of Easy Mac (mac and cheese is his favorite food). Bright has been BEGGING for a pink wig for weeks. Grandma was happy to oblige. I don't think Bright has taken the wig off for the past two days, except when we make him. He LOVES having long pink hair that he can "do." Taevy got a really cool shirt that I forgot to get a pic of (so you're getting the movie pic). Mia is sporting her new hat and scarf from Tia Anita. Kendi didn't get left out either, and got a new book she enjoyed looking at with Grandpa B.
Kendi did really great this weekend. I started to see a preference for me and Eric sometimes. Glad to see that! Although she really adores her grandma and grandpa. You'll notice they are in the loop as far as holding goes. =-) Aunt Nichole and Uncle Gary did a great job not holding her, knowing that's what's best for her right now. Kendi has a special thing going with her Grandpa B., which makes Grandpa B. very happy! Grandpa B. had the hardest time with Kendi's HIV, so it really makes us smile to see how much the love each other.
I had planned an autumn-themed craft and a Christmas-themed craft, but the kids were having too much fun just playing together, so we didn't mess with them.

For lunch we made a Bulmer tradition--tacos! We buy raw corn tortillas and actually fry the shells ourselves, which is what makes them special. Mmm..Mmm..Good!

Before long the day was over and we had to say goodbye to our Kansas family. My goodness I miss them. We haven't been to Kansas since June, which is a record for us. We will see my mom and step-dad again Thanksgiving weekend, which I am thankful for (pun intended)! We always "do" Black Friday at my mom's house, but this year she and my aunt are coming down here since I'm "stuck." The weekend before Christmas, kidney or no kidney we are going to go to my mom's for our family's Christmas celebration. I can't wait. I miss my mommy's house.

That's about it from our place.


Jess 2:42 PM  

I love the first picture of all 4 of them!! so cute!
And I will have to show darrell those Ghana soccer shirts your boys are wearing- he will LOVE them! :)

whenpigsfly 2:49 PM  

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
We really missed you at our b-day party here in Stillwater, but there are only so many days in a week or a month in which to celebrate !
Looks like a great time was had by all!!!
Linda and kiddos
HOW can Naomi and Samren be EIGHT ?? That is crazy?

A. Gillispie 3:29 PM  

Jess, my boys LOVE their Ghana soccer jerseys! And Samren also loves his Ghana print shirt he's wearing in some of the photos. I realized that it might look like I dressed them that way, but they both picked those shirts for the day. Our jerseys are getting a bit old now. Need to replinish them soon!

Linda, our kids would have loved to celebrate Naomi's b-day this weekend too! Sorry we couldn't be there. It is hard to believe that our VN babes are 8 years old.

At the Foot of the Cross 8:36 PM  

That pink wig -- I don't know what to say.

A. Gillispie 9:20 PM  

ATFOFC, the pink wig is totally Bright. There is a whole other blog post about that...maybe a book. =-)