Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Mostly Hair

Ever have a post that you just can't think of a title for? Good grief!

I just love how much Kendi and Bright love each other. They even cuddle in the day when they are awake!
Kendi's was so proud to have little pony tails for a few hours the other day. They only last a few hours before I take them out because I'm so afraid of breakage--but she loves those few hours!
Bright's little coils continue to grow out. It's amazing how much growth there is in just a week! The only thing is that they start to get very loose after a day or so, so pretty much every night I am sitting with Bright in my lap tightening/redoing coils. Kendi is MORE than a little jealous of Bright's hair time. As soon as I am done with his hair she brings me her "Don't-B-Bald" (yes that's what is is really called!) hair dress so we can have a few minutes of head massage time.

And seriously, how cute is Bright in this picture? Sometimes it just hits me all at once how adorable he is! LOL!

And by the way, you are NOT allowed to make fun of my messy house in the background! Remember, sick mommy! [Umm...yes...I will use that excuse every time I can!]


Story of our Life 10:48 PM  

I love it!!! What a cutie they both are.

We've been told that Nia's hair will grow faster if we have it in pony tails/puffs. What if you put a cap on her at bed time to help protect it? Would it stay on or wud she take it off? We can't get Nia's to stay on.

And the twists..oh I would love to do something like that with Nia's hair. I don't quite 'understand' the hole upkeep and concept of it and all.

choose 12:07 AM  

"Hair time" - what a lovely way to bond with your children! How great that you can express your love to your children even in such a simple daily task as hair time. Blessings, Jennifer

Darrell and Jess 11:50 AM  

The picture of them together is adorable!!

Barbara 1:08 AM  

Anita, your little Diva is simply beautiful! What a lovely family you have. Hope all is well. Any plans for another from Ghana any time soon?

Best wishes,