Wednesday, November 04, 2009


* I was encouraging the children (otherwise known as griping!) to clean up the living room. Samren was sharpening a pencil. "Samren, WHY are you sharpening a pencil?!" Completely calm, he answers, "Because it needs to be sharpened." Obviously he missed the part where I was inquiring because he wasn't doing what he was supposed to be doing. Urgh!

* Kendi was doing something sassy and cute. Taevy and Samren got a kick out of it and started giggling at her. Kendi, clear as day, says, "Stop it!" Funny which English words she pics up and when she chooses to use them!

*Cold...turns into sinus/respiratory coming in two days to celebrate Fall Birthdays...a very messy house...not a good combination...makes for stressed out mommy.

* This makes sense when I think about Tiger Nuts and Groundnuts in Ghana, but it takes me by surprise that Kendi loves all things nut and seed. She LOVES pecans. She LOVES roasted pumpkin seeds. She LIVES for peanut butter. The pecans is what really surprises me though. She loves pecans so much that we have to watch her like a hawk when she is outside or she will pick up the half eaten pecans the squirrels are done with and stuff her mouth with them. It grosses us out to the extreme! But she has gotten away with this like 4 times so far. Once they are in her mouth she will NOT spit them out. One of Eric's favorite foods is pecan. I think he has some competition now. Even he won't pick the half-eaten ones of the ground for a snack!

* I am really not good at turning the other cheek. I am not good at "being the better person" when it comes to an argument. I will argue until I don't know what I'm arguing about anymore. I got into a "discussion" with a complete stranger on someone's blog. It kept getting nastier and nastier. The hardest thing EVER to stop responding! Breathe Anita, breathe...

*Got a compliment from my boss today. Sometimes, there is nothing better than a well-timed compliment from your boss. Bliss...


waitingarms 5:31 PM  

Arguments are no fun – especially when you are in the midst of it! Emotions tend to come into play and once that happens we don’t hear the other person or we completely misunderstand them. In the heat of the argument/discussion all we want is for the other person to validate our point of view. I have put my foot in my mouth more times than I care to remember - and most times I dont' even remember what the argument was about!

I was following the discussion you were having (ironically visiting that blog for the first time at your recommendation) and from the outside looking in, I totally “got” what each of you were trying to say – you each had valid arguments, but I think you were actually talking about two totally different issues and at cross purposes to each other! Of course, I have a warped sense of humor, so I appreciate wit and sarcasm – plus I was not in the heat of the battle! You did end up the bigger person stopping when you did! I pray you are having a better day with your precious children.

Cora 7:58 PM  

sorry I had to laugh I am too stuborn when it comes to an arguement and have been know to argue my point even after I have realized I was wrong.

and Kendi's nuts cracked me up. I am gald that Eric does not eat them after squirrels, LOL. Good luck with your little nutters.

FullPlateMom 10:39 AM  

I saw the posts too, because I actually stepped in and said something at almost the same time you did about the original post. All I could think was, what the heck? I knew EXACTLY the point you were trying to make. I send the clothes that my friends don't consider "good enough" brands for their children to Lucky Hill. The kids don't always have enough clothes and they are happy to accept my kids gently worn Target brand play clothing. And, they look wonderful in it. I'm not sending my "crap" to "Africa" as that person so nicely phrased it. I don't take the stuff that is ripped or stained, I just take the items that people here don't really care to have. I'm sorry if that offends that persons delicate sensibilities. Generalizing like that, saying that ALL AFRICANS don't want my "crap" is a little much. The kids at LH LOVE my wearing the Wisconsin Badgers tees that my kids have outgrown to play in. Who wouldn't want more play clothes when all you've got is one set of clothes for play and one set of clothes for school. I'm glad that some people in Ghana are blessed with more, I'm aware of that, but some people aren't. Those are the people I'm trying to help.

Totally got it.