Sunday, November 22, 2009

Just my kind of weekend.

This has been such an awesome weekend, in my book. There was nothing we HAD to do, so there was more joy in the things that we did do. Everybody felt like it was definitely a movie and popcorn kind of night last night. We rented "Up" and the new Star Trek movie.

The kids got all comfy and cozy with their blankets, pillows, and PJs. Then Taevy (our resident popcorn maker) made two big batches for everybody to enjoy. They all looked so cute I (the resident photographer) had to take a pic.
BTW, in this second pic, do you see Kendi's hair? It's really coming in!

"Up" was really sweet. The way people talked about it I expected to boo hoo, but I didn't. It was just sweet. And also really super funny in some places. SQUIRREL!

By the time Up was over the kiddos were out, so Eric and I were able to enjoy Star Trek without young eyes. That movie was a kick too. Really funny casting.

I don't know if I've mentioned it on the blog, but I've got foot issues. You know...when you're mom and wife you sometimes let things go....oh...say 8 or 9 years before having it looked at. My feet were to the point that I couldn't walk or stand more than 30 minutes without being in really severe pain. Then the pain would remain for DAYS afterwards. So I finally went to the foot doctor. I get to do all kinds of fun (not) stretches and hot/cold soaks; the orthodics will come soon; I got myself some expensive shoes (after learning the shoes I thought were most comfortable were really most detrimental); and I got myself a cortisone shot! Can I just say, OUCH! But man does my foot feel better after that shot. Anyway, you needed to know all of this so I could say...

Today I wanted to try out my new feet. I hadn't really pushed myself since my new foot care regimen started, and Black Friday is only a week away! I've got to know how my feet are going to hold up on me! LOL! What better way to test them out then to go to one of the largest craft fairs in the country?

This morning Taevy and I put on our most supportive shoes and headed towards the fair grounds. It was a block of walking just to get the place after we parked! Man, there are a lot of crafty people out there. {Eric would say "crappy" people. He says we went to a "Crap Fair."} Taevy and I survived the madness and walked the whole thing. It only took 3 hours! LOL! The best news? My feet held out great. They hurt, but I think they hurt like a normal person's hurt. I think I can actually hold my own next Friday morning during Black Friday madness. Hee, hee.

After the craft fair we still had juice to burn, so Taevy and I did our pre-Thanksgiving grocery shopping. I think I've got everything we need. Most years we head to my mom's house, do Black Friday in Wichita, and then set up all of her Christmas decorations. This year, because we're stuck in Tulsa waiting for a kidney (don't want to travel more than an hour away), the party is coming to my house. I am THANKFUL that I don't have to cook Thanksgiving Dinner! We'll eat dinner with Eric's side. But I do need to provide Thanksgiving leftovers, because well...because we always eat Thanksgiving leftovers the weekend after Thanksgiving. =-) My mom is bringing the "leftover" Turkey, and I am providing all of the other "left overs." Basically, I'll be cooking side dishes and desserts all week. Gosh, could this post get more boring for you? But like I said, this is MY kind of fun weekend. Probably not everybody's!

Tonight was fun because I got to enjoy my eldest trying to be a very productive member of our church family. We're having a Thanksgiving meal with our church tomorrow and Taevy SO wanted to contribute something. Without any help from me she "made" corn (seasoned and cooked) and a scrumptious looking Apple Crisp (with a little help from Cracker Barrel). She was so proud. Mommy is pretty proud too. =-)
Now it's past midnight--MY TIME. The house is straightened up from the nights' madness. It's quiet. I can hear myself think. All is good.

Tomorrow we'll worship with our church family. Then we'll eat with them. Then we'll come home and take a nice long nap.

Now I ask you.... movie night with the kids .... craft fair with the eldest daughter ... preparing food for those you love ... worshipping our Lord... Is there any better weekend than that?!


Laurel 2:32 AM  

Sounds like a great weekend.

My kids watched UP today, too. Our little island library shows an afternoon matinee every Saturday ... and they even have popcorn, too. The kids had fun ... while Jim and I were at his first Memorial Service as a pastor. I think I would have preferred UP.

:) :) :)

Brown Eyed Blessings 8:38 AM  

We had a movie night last night too! We watched Ice Age 3 with the kids and then The Husband and I watched Star Trek. I LOVE that movie. They did a great job with it.

Renee 9:19 AM  


Look at Kendi's SMILE! Precious times!

Jen 2:10 PM  

Anita -

The kids look fantastic.
I've been thinking of your family a lot - I am not the praying sort, but I've been sending all sorts of good thoughts your way, and just having a good feeling about Eric and his transplant. I hope for a Thanksgiving/Christmas miracle for you all.

whenpigsfly 9:34 PM  

What fun!! We have not seen UP yet , or the new Star Trek for that matter. We have however ,seen ltos of popcorn.Its a FOOD GROUP right?
So will you be able to pop by for a while over Thankgsving at all? We are so eager to finally meet Kendi! we saw you last at your house right before you left to go get hier. Iwas hoping I would be in Liberia and unable to see you, but , well, I'm going to be home all weekend.We all are. WOULD LOVE TO SEE ALL OF YOUeven for a little while!