Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Pose for the Camera

Just for fun I had everybody pose for the camera today. Even the furry members of the family.

Poor Samren. He cannot "fake" a smile for a picture. We still love him though! He's such a sweetheart. On his "I'm Thankful For" turkey one of his answers was "I'm thankful for my relationship with God." Wow. Pretty good stuff for an 8 year old!
Now Bright, on the other hand, has this "smile for the camera" thing down. Notice the shaved head? I broke down and shaved it on Saturday night. We'll try growing it out again another time. He reminds me so much of his Ghanaian brothers (still in Ghana) with his hair cut short. Such a handsome young Ewe we've got!

He is quickly teaching his young apprentice what is expected when the camera comes out.

But Kendi still has some practicing to do! She is like a tornado. She dances instead of standing still. We still snatch some cute ones though.

Taevy tried to show Kendi how to "pose" (classic head tilt).

This is what Kendi did in response. Gotta work on the angle of the head!

Here's our Husky, Jed, with his "Jed Head." We find it hilarious that his favorite toy is a stuffed Husky head.

Now that I think of it, Jed just cracks us up in general. He's a glutton. He's getting fat and lazy. He's taken to just laying down and putting his head in the bowl when he eats. This looks possessive, but it's really just laziness! The kids can go and sit on him while he's eating and he won't move.Last but not least, sweet KiKi. Gotta love that face, even though her broken ears make her look like a lab instead of the Husky/Akita she is. She is our best dog since we got married (and we've gone through some dogs!). She waits until the kids go to sleep each night, then she asks permission (pretty much the look below) to jump up on my lap for a cuddle on the couch.

I am itching for another dog. We really have no room for another, but I love dogs so much, and I see such great looking dogs in need of homes on Craig's List! I know, I should stop looking at CL, but it's addictive! I've got puppy fever...

Tonight the littles kept leaving their little table instead of eating. I started chasing them with my "claw", which totally cracked them up. Silly that I taped it, but sometimes I think it's these moments that I will miss the most once they are all grown up. =-)


Eric 9:20 PM  

They are all so adorable! In the last post you said that normal people don't think of you all day, I think of you a few times a day (not in a stalker/scary way). I'm addicted to your blog and can't wait for your next posts. My husband and I are really hoping to adopt soon, and you really help me stay enthusiastic!


Amy 9:41 PM  

Love your gorgeous kiddo's! :0) Amy

Ferenje Mama 6:47 PM  

Hi there. First time looker and de-lurker. Just a little 'hello' from Australia. My husband and I are adopting siblings from Ethiopia (long story but this might change soon...) and I have been away from the blogging world for a while. Found your blog and was totally impressed by your multicultural family - you are living the dream! So wonderful.

A. Gillispie 10:08 PM  

Danielle, your words have stayed with me all week. It's nice to feel loved. Thank you for such kindness!

Ferenje Mama--thanks for de-lurking and leaving a comment! I feel grateful for my children everday, but even more after reading what you have had to go through trying to build your family. My prayers are with you, and I have faith that you WILL one day (hopefully sooner rather than later) be holding little ones of your own.