Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Don't squirrels read?!

I mean, come on! Can't they read the "Beware of Dogs" sign on our fence? We tried to warn them! We have a very small backyard. But somehow our dogs catch at least 3-4 squirrels a week. They have also caught opossums and moles and birds and rats. But squirrels are the favorite dish. Jed took it to the next level tonight when he brought a decapitated squirrel into the kitchen. Like, seriously?! We are not farmers. We do not live on an acreage. I do NOT expect game in my dining room!

[Go away now and do not scroll down if you are sensitive to dead animal pictures.]

P.S. Has anybody noticed that I have written the word "decapitated" like 3 times in the last few days? How often does a normal person have to use that word?!


Laurel 10:13 PM  

A few weeks ago, some friends of ours 20 year old son came home for the weekend ... crawled into bed at 1:00 a.m. ... only to find a dead squirrel sprawled out under his covers. Their cat had brought the squirrel in before it was quite dead, and it must have run under the covers to hide from the cat. Yuck!

:) :) :)

whenpigsfly 12:43 AM  

Suffice it to say I understand completely!!! And "decapitate' is a really good word ...good for a phonics lesson for the kids too!

Jen 7:13 AM  

Dear God -

Thank you for my 15lb Boston Terrier Lola. I used to laugh at her for being afraid of bunnies and squirrels. Now I love her for it.


Cora 11:21 AM  

Oh that is awful! Our Jack Russel terror would be in heaven in your back yard. Our squirrels must read because they stay away but so do the mice :0) A while back one of our dear animals brought in a bird (still flying).

We are Grateful!!! 1:08 PM  


Taevy 7:32 PM  

I remeber that i saw its head of . And the heart is hanging out too.