Monday, December 14, 2009

Gotta Listen to this!

[Updated to say: Not sure what happened to the formatting, but blogger isn't letting me fix it. Sorry!]

I heard this on the radio today while the big kids and Eric ran into the store. By the end of it I was laughing so hard I was crying. Plus, it's just so...creative and musical. Amazing how music can touch you places nothing else can. I'm embedding the original version, and an updated version. Both are awesome, and slightly different from the version I heard today! LOL!

Now don't you want to buy their CD?!?!?! You can do that HERE!

Today's update:

Headband: Found. In Taevy's accessory drawer. Where it should have been the entire time (and was). Heaven forbid we should look where the stupid thing actually goes!

Big Kids: Have made progress today with earning back mom and dad's trust and respect. They may just get to enjoy their Christmas presents after all--but we will see.

I Wuv Uu: There is NOTHING better right now than having Kendi walk up, give me a hug, and tell me "I wuv uu." without any prompting whatsoever. It's like a little gift from God, from the mouth of my babe!

Acne?: Our two dogs are having issues right now. Kiki (our Akita/Husky) has somehow put a spell on Jed (our husky) and made him terrified to be anywhere close to her. This is regardless of the fact that when they do get into a fight it is Jed that brings blood to Kilo and outweighs her by a good 15 pounds. Not only that, but this has also manifested in a great fear to cross the threshold of the back door to go outside. It is NOT fun in doggy land right now. Taevy said, "Mommy, I think Jed has acne." We quickly realized she meant ANXIETY! LOL! ROFL!!!! Yes Taevy, Jed has acne right now!



Jen 1:52 AM  

I have that on Christmas CD and it is a family favorite!! The kids love to listen to it over and over again!

Our Family 11:10 AM  

That is so funny Anita. Our dogs are going through something like that too right now. Our Jack Russell rules the roost over here and she keeps the chocolate lab in line. However, a few days ago, we threw the last remaining pieces of the gingerbread house outside for the dogs to snack on (we don't typically give them table food at all, but we figured it would be their one special holiday treat like that) and the lab totally hogged the whole thing. When she had about one side of it left, the little one tried to get to the door to go inside and we heard a brawl start. The big one was thinking the little was trying to steal "her" gingerbread! So, now the little one is hesitant to go anywhere near the big dog when she is outside and she is kind of apprehensive about coming in from the outside or going out from the inside. These dogs can be funny sometimes!

Jess 6:59 PM  

haha!! that was awesome!!!! Thanks for sharing!!