Sunday, December 06, 2009

Just call me Clark Grizwald

I am Christmas lighted OUT!

Started Saturday morning putting lights on the tree. Got 2/3 up with the white lights and realized we didn't have enough lights to finish. So off we go to the drug store to buy an insanely expensive strand of white lights. White lights on.

Then I put on the red lights. Then the green.


I wake up early morning to see all but the first strand of lights is OUT. Ugh. In our house I have to put on the lights because Eric can't see to do it. I really dislike doing it, but of course I like the outcome. So the outage is VERY discouraging to me. Like...real tears discouraging.

We go to church. I come home, figure out how to change fuses, and DELIGHT that the rest of the lights came back on! I go take a Sunday nap, truly thankful for that mini miracle of lights. Even said a little thank you prayer.

I get up from my nap and Eric said, "Did you turn off the tree? None of the lights are on." Double ugh! I wanted to just go to sleep until everything was right again. But I couldn't. Held in the 'ol tears.

I thought there was no way that it would be a fuse issue on the FIRST strand. No way I'd get lucky twice. But I did! WHEW! Finally we had lights.

I don't exactly feel confident that the rest of the lights are going to hold out until Christmas since we've had 2 strands go in 1 day. So I'll say a little prayer every night! Maybe God will do me a favor and keep those lights on, like he kept the oil burning in the temple for 8 days so long ago!