Sunday, December 06, 2009

Decorations, Old and New

It wouldn't be Christmas in our home without the "Praying Santa" and "Santa's Prayer." This is a tradition in all homes on my mom's side of the family.This is the centerpiece every year for our mantel. A gift from my mom a few years ago. We were both shocked about how LARGE it was (ordered from a catalog photo), but it's perfect for the mantel!

Our mantel is the same every year. Red and white theme.

Our dining table stays pretty much the same each year as well. I collect nativity scenes, so that's the majority of our decorations. My mom gets me some sort of nativity every year. In my dream home there would be a room just for nativity scenes, and they would stay out all year! The bottom nativity is one of my favorites, purchased when I visited Haiti.

Our first year of marriage I purchased this nativity, so this is the "official" nativity with the greatest place of honor even though it costs $8.95 and is nothing special compared to the international nativities I have now! We add the snow covered pines each year as well, although most would put palms. =-)

Another family favorite is our Little People nativity. All of the kids have played with it and enjoyed it over the years. Now it's Kendi's turn. With all of the breakable stuff this time of year, I like that they have their own nativity to play with.This was an after Christmas purchase last year. Do you remember the stuff you bought after Christmas the year before? I never do, so it's like a mini Christmas when I open my boxes and see new stuff! This garland looks DELIGHTFUL on our living room window.I've already mentioned the special stockings my mom got us last year, along with the "K" stocking we added this year. Below is a really cool nativity that my friend A got us last year. We just love it and it first perfectly on the fireplace hearth! [Ignore the blue buckets in the fire place. We have a bit of a leakage problem when it rains. Buckets do the job until a repairman comes.]

This was an after Christmas purchase last year that I did remember and couldn't wait to put out! Poor Mary and Joseph were decapitated when the joined us last year, but a little super glue did the trick. I just love the simplicity of this nativity. It's so different than most of the others I have.

My Ghana nativity. This was purchased by another adoptive parent last year, and I am *SO* thankful for it!!!!! Thanks so much M!

This garland is just about too tiny to see on the tree, but I still put it on. They are folded paper stars, purchased in Cambodia in 2001 when we picked up Taevy. Sometimes the simplest and oldest things you have are the best. I suppose this little nativity started my love for nativities. Its a 1.5 inch plastic ornament that I've put on the tree every year since I can remember being alive. If my house were on fire and I could save one Christmas decoration, this would be it. It's absolutely precious to me.Also precious are my kids' hand print ornaments. We make these when the kids are 2 years old. They are so cool! Crayola Model Magic "clay" makes a beautiful imprint (you can even see the lines on the child's hand), is very lightweight, and doesn't break when you drop it! We'll be making Kendi's ornament this week.The kids put all the ornaments on the tree tonight, with minimal input from the mommy. Below is what you get with a 2 and 4 year old decorating the tree. I had to take a picture, because before I blink they'll all be teenagers and see a "perfect" tree differently.I'd say the did a pretty good job though. All it needs now is the ribbon garland and we'll be set!

I'd love to see your decorations. If you do a decoration post leave a comment so I can see!


Heather A. 9:12 PM  

The decorations look great! And I had a giggle fit when you mentioned buying things after Christmas and not remembering what you bought!!! I am SOOOO glad I'm not the only one who does that!

Ferenje Mama 2:13 AM  

Your tree looks so beautiful. Hi-5 to the kids for their effort.

Deborah 8:44 AM  

Wow! Your house is absolutely beautiful. You have encouraged me to empty these boxes that are sitting around my house and finish decorating!!! Thank you for being the encourager and friend that you are. Our life with our new little ones is so happy - we can't imagine life without them. Things sure were boring and quiet :)
love you,

Robin Dodd Photography 9:52 AM  

Anita. I loved this post and the nativity on the tree!! I remember those!!!We had one and years ago my mom lost her house in a enormous grass fire, and I had forgotten about alot of the ornaments we had as kids. Now I'm going to have to look for one!!