Monday, December 21, 2009

Our New Friend Fred

This weekend we had a special treat! My step-grandma's boyfriend was in the hospital recently. Her boyfriend's nurse was Ghanaian. So my grandma decided that we should meet. I know, weird. I'm not that social of a person, but it was a good opportunity to meet someone that could potentially be a friend and cultural resource for Bright and Kendi.

I sort of didn't think Fred would show up. But he did! And what a wonderful guy! It turns out that Fred is Ewe (just like Bright). It was very neat to have my parents introduced a bit to Ghana, since they have never visited. Fred was so loving to Bright and Kendi (in that "it takes a village" way that you see everywhere in Ghana). And Bright and Kendi seemed to take to him immediately.

Fred has said that he is very happy to answer any questions we have about Ghana, or the Ewe tribe. He's a single guy right now. Maybe Fred will become an extended part of our family? I can see him coming down to visit us in Tulsa, visiting our church and family gatherings. It turned out to be a really neat thing. I hope Fred is a mainstay in the Gillispie clan for a long time to come!



Jen 4:44 PM  

That is so cool! I met a Ghanaian family at Staples and Selina freaked out and would not look at the mom. She clung to me like I was going to hand her over to the gal.
I think she would do better now, especially since Caleb is here.


Sister Beta 5:33 PM  

How sweet! I love me some Ewes!!! ;)

Jennifer 9:52 PM  

Thank you for letting us know about Fred! He sounds like a wonderful resource. I posted some other links that I found about the Ewe language on the Yahoo site which you probably saw. However, it will take A LOT of work to try to piece together phrases and learn to pronounce them properly! The "I love you" is very nice to know.
Jennifer Shepherd