Monday, December 28, 2009


Please pray for my mom. I just got a call that they have called 911 and she is on the way to the hospital in an ambulance. I don't think I even need to say how much my mom means to me. She is my best friend in the world. She is my only parent left on this earth. She (along with Eric and my kids) is everything to me. And if something happens to her I will feel like it's my fault. I took my kids to her house last weekend when two of them were sick. And she got sick from them, but isn't getting over it. She came to my house on Christmas Eve when she was sick as a dog, so she could celebrate with my kids Christmas morning. She didn't stop and allow herself to heal because she was too busy loving her family during her favorite time of the year.

She's "semi-lucid." Her hands are rigid for some reason. She can't stop vomitting. I'm hoping she's just dehydrated and they can fix it quickly. Please pray for my mom. Please.


We are Grateful!!! 10:27 PM  


Bingaling 10:31 PM  

Oh, Anita!!! Praying for you (and your momma) right now!

Our Family 10:46 PM  

Prayers all around Anita and family!

Renee 10:48 PM  



Jen 11:24 PM  

Oh my, I am praying.

Vicky 11:27 PM  

Praying for your mom and for you!

Laurel 11:33 PM  

Praying ... for you and the Riggs family tonight. They are at the hospital with 3 family members in critical condition after a car accident.

Oh my ... too many emergencies on my blog list tonight. I'll be PRAYING!!!

Laurel :)

Sophie Neri 11:39 PM  

praying for your mom and your family

Stephanie 12:25 AM  

Praying right now!

Momto14 8:03 AM  

Praying Anita!! HUGS!!!

Amy 9:08 AM  

Praying for your Mom, Anita!! A

FullPlateMom 9:53 AM  

Praying for your mama, Anita!!! I hope she feels better very quickly.


Cora 2:00 PM  

oh so sorry to hear this, hope she is better soon! Hugs!

mary grace 2:07 PM  

Just seeing this and praying!

Zimmerman family 2:50 PM  

We are praying!!!

Terynn 5:42 PM  

Tuesday 5:40 PM CST

Just reading this prayer request. Happy to pray, but I am behind the game. Are there any updates since last evening?

Oh, dear PapaGod, heal Anita's your Son's name we ask, Amen.