Monday, December 28, 2009

Hair, a little less sad.

Here's today's attempt at hair. We're going to HIV Clinic tomorrow for Kendi's second appointment since coming home. I'm a little nervous of where her numbers will be, but glad that we will know what they are. If they are low enough for her to go on meds, then we need to bit the bullet and start them!

The last hair do (sad little twists) didn't stay in overnight, except for the one long twist in front. Her hair is just too fine and short.

Toinght we did little ponytails and added snaps at the end, which completely hides the hair at the end of the puffs. I *think* they will stay in overnight. I hope so, as we're leaving VERY early in the morning for Arkansas and I will have no time to redo them!
Once again, she is a happy girl. The pic below, I call "The Tirzah." She has a friend from Eban House that can make a look just like this when she wants to show her attitude!!! LOL!.


Salzwedel Family 1:00 AM  

Awww...she looks adorable!