Saturday, December 26, 2009

Sad Little Hair Do!

Today when we were doing a "clean out" in the big kids' room I found HUNDREDS of snaps that I had bought back in 2006 when we thought we'd be adopting a baby girl from Liberia. It was a laid back night tonight so I did an impromptu hairdo on Kendi, just to see if it will hold any sort of style over night. Her hair is extremely thin and doesn't have any defined curl. It's rough feeling, but fine, in that it it slips right out of styles. The doctor said her HIV probably affects her hair growth and hair health--poor baby.

Anyway, I put in flat twists. I didn't make parts, so you can see the curves! LOL! I'm just putting it on the blog to document her first twists/braids--NOT to brag!!! Kendi didn't care if it was crooked! She was just proud to have a style!


Jen 9:13 AM  

Oh, look at how happy she is! That is awesome! How exciting to be able to put a snap in her hair! Too cute!

Dani Neumann 10:27 AM  

She looks like a little Ghana queen! So proud and adorable ^_^

Baxter 10:44 AM  

It looks awesome! She is so proud of her hair! I love the hair time and the final product! I love the snaps - they look so cute.

Our Family 5:53 PM  

Looks adorable Anita! I can't wait to pull out some of the baby/kid items I have been collecting over the years for our little (or not so little) ones to be! (-:

By the way, the site is live now! I e-mailed you about it, but I figured I would post that to you here in case you don't check your e-mail as often as you check the site.