Friday, December 25, 2009

A New Treasure

My mom gave Eric and I the most special gift. I will ALWAYS treasure it, and I'm betting it will become a family heirloom. When she asked me for a Christmas list I said I'd like anything that symbolized our family, and specifically my children. Since we are pretty sure our family is complete now, I'm ready for things like a Mother's ring (for instance). My mom has a habit of saving one gift back for Eric and I (and the kids) for Christmas morning, since she and my step-dad are with us. [We celebrate as a big family the weekend before Christmas.]
My mom thought of, designed, and created this amazing peice of art for our home!
I wrote a blog post once about what Adinkra symbols I would choose to represent our family, and each member of our family. My mom remembered that, and took it to the next level!

What you can't see is that the framing company attached a document pocket in the back. In the pocket on beautiful peices of paper are the extended explanations for why I chose each symbol for each family member. Basically, it's my blog post, but broken into six pages for the six members of our family.
Is that not the most unique gift? Someone should make these and sell them!

Thank you mommy. You just can't know how special this gift is to me.


"M" and "C" 9:06 AM  

That is the most amazing gift I've ever seen for a family! You are not kidding that someone should market and sell them. I'd love to have one!!! Hope you had a very special Christmas...looks like you really did!

Cora 11:12 AM  

what a beautiful and thoughtful gift! Amazing.

Jen 11:13 AM  

Oh, that is a beautiful gift! The fact that it was created by your mom makes it even more special... I love it!

How did the new puppy go over? I'd love to see pics!

Merry Christmas!


Calmil2 11:56 AM  

So special!!!! Meaningful gifts are the best :)

We are Grateful!!! 1:36 PM  

What a great and talented momma! No wonder you are such a great/talented momma too.

Amy 3:39 PM  

That is one of the most wonderfully thoughtful gifts ever! SOOOO incredible and special. Did you need a hankie as you opened that one Miss Anita? :)

Love you and your mom!

Awo 9:56 AM  

This made me cry! That is such an amazing, special and loving gift from your mom. Your children are blessed!

All My Beans 2:48 PM  

That is truly a gift to cherish and so deeply personal. What an awesome Mom, want to share her?