Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas Morning 2009

Ahhh....the peace and serenity of late Christmas Eve--after all the kids are asleep, the house is clean, and the "Santa" cookies have been eaten.

The anticipation of coming down the stairs to see what Mommy and Daddy (and Grandma and Grandpa) have put under the tree.
Opening gifts you've waited for all year!
All the while, in your comfy new Christmas PJ's and socks.
All this joy and celebration in order to remember the one who is the ULTIMATE gift to us. Only HE can give me true peace. I life my life in ANTICIPATION of eternity with him. I enjoy the GIFT that He is to me each day, and find COMFORT in His love.


Laurel 4:19 PM  

Merry Christmas, Anita! Hope you and the family are having a WONDERFUL day!

Laurel :)