Friday, December 25, 2009

When life gives you snow...

PLAY IN IT!!!!!!!

Well. the "little snow" that I thought was coming (you know, the one that was just enough for a white Christmas but not enough to affect family gatherings)? That show turned into only the second "blizzard warning" Oklahoma has ever had! It was crazy last night with the humongo winds and blowing show. We have drifts that are measured in FEET! Unfortunately, this meant that our family coming from a difference city weren't able to make it out. So our Christmas celebration with Eric's side of the family has been rescheduled for Sunday.

New Christmas Dinner Menu? Spaghetti!

Activities? Making the house a colossal mess with new toys, and playing in the snow!

The results? A fun and relaxing Christmas Day, albeit not what we had planned!


Laurel 4:22 PM  

Oh my ... our kids are getting used to living on our little island that doesn't get as much snow as we're used to. They're hoping for a little snow soon.

Laurel :)