Monday, January 25, 2010

BOO UNICEF!!!!!!! YEA LIVESAYS!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm passing on two blogposts from others today. It appears that UNICEF has been successful in STOPPING the humanitarian parole process for Haitian adoptees. This makes me want to VOMIT! If you've been involved in international adoption for very long you know that UNICEF is NOT your friend! I am fighting mad right now.


Yesterday I talked a bit about kids who could appear to be orphans right now, but who actually aren't orphaned. The Livesays (and their crew) were caring for a boy who appeared to be orphaned. His INTACT family was found today. His parents were searching for him this whole time. That is why we cannot remove children who have not been legally identified as orphans BEFORE the earthquake.


Why can't people just protect these children? How hard is it to see what is "right" in this situation? It seems so black and white to me! If a child was in the process of being adopted before the earthquake, LET THEM COME HOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If a child was with a family before the earthquake LET THEM STAY AT HOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Michelle 5:55 PM  

I think Unicef has no perspective on children's issues. They made videos of why the children in Kyrgyzstan ofphanages are better off staying in orphanages in Kyrgyzstan instead of joining loving families through international adoption. They worked to close down that country and I boycott anything associated with the support of UNICEF and urge everyone I know to do the same!

Sophie Neri 8:00 PM  

I'm with you "BOO to Unicef" shame on them how can they claim to be advocates for the vulnerable children. I've heard of stories in the past, they tried to do the same thing in Guatemala, where my daughter is from, and I refuse to support them. How can they have this much authority over what happens to these children?? We should start a million mom march against UNICEF!!!!

Jo White McIver 2:06 PM  

I am so sorry to hear this we will be praying! I read the Unicef link that you posted and my heart just goes out to those families and those precious children!!! It sounds like to me it's once again the typical US Haitian adoption scenario. Our UCSIS and State Department in a power struggle ugh! USCIS officials and State Department officials arguing with each other on how they would like 1 US document filled out delayed us bring our son home from Haiti for over 6 months. I never understood how our government could argue with each other for so long and delay my baby from my arms when he had already waited 2 long years for the Haitian side. The Lord made a way and a very high up Washington official intervened on our behalf. If he hadn't I don't know what we would have done. It just puzzles my mind why our 2 government offices USCIS and State Department can not seem to work together. Now Unicef is getting involved ugh! I know that when humans say no our Heavenly Father always makes a way! We will be praying!!!!!