Monday, January 25, 2010

She's a REAL Ghanaian

She walked around for like 1/2 an hour sucking on the bone. I stopped her before she started to chew it up!


azdavidson 10:28 PM  

Ha, Caleb had one too tonight and last time he had one, he did start eating the bone!

whenpigsfly 11:27 PM  

My Khmer kiddos still leave very little left of a chicken bone.No knuckle, no marrow, a few splinters of bone maybe............absolutely no waste.

Kristin Jag 12:16 AM  

Ahhh...Fia, Kwame, and Daron(ha!) do that too. It totally grosses me out, but it is good as it isn't wasteful. The first week they were home, we had them and we started right out with NO EATING BONES!

Cora 1:05 PM  

Too cute.

We are Grateful!!! 7:27 PM  

I am thinking that they are on to something. I was shocked in Ghana when "J' made the chicken bone disappear :) In cavities for my Ghana born.