Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Ghana on my mind...

I was last in Ghana in June 2009. We were knee deep in Kendi's adoption, and expecting a call for the kidney transplant "any day." In July we had our "almost" transplant, and then in September Kendi came home. Needless to say, there was no way I could go to Ghana. In fact, I had made up my mind that there would be no trips to Ghana until Eric got his transplant. I knew that as soon as I went, he would get the call and I would miss it!

But now... Now Kendi has been home for almost 5 months. Now Eric has had his kidney transplant. My mind has started floating away to humidity, mosquitoes, the smell of trash burning, and all the beauty that Ghana is to me. When will I get to go next?

We're coming up on the hottest time of the year in Ghana. I've only been in Ghana in April once, and that was enough for me, thank you! Plus, two of our key employees are out on maternity leave until late spring. So March and April are out, as is most of May. I was thinking about June, but then remembered that Kendi's birthday is in June. Oops. There goes early June. In early July our AAI Ghana families are having a gathering in Chicago. Definitely can't miss that.

Could it really be August before I get back to the place I long for in my dreams? That seems so very far away right now. I've never gone that long between visits since my first trip in August 2006. I must say though, August is my very FAVORITE month to visit Ghana. The air is dry(er) and cool(er). Flight costs are starting to come down after the summer price hike. There's no immediate reason I HAVE to go to Ghana before then. Things are running more smoothly than ever. I don't need to travel for staffing issues, or program development. No need to visit new orphanages (that I am aware of). There is nothing calling me to Ghana in the next six months, except my own heart.

Sometime, one of these trips, I hope that I will get to do things on my own personal list. The list is growing and growing. I'd like to go back to visit Bright's family. I'd like to travel to the Upper East where Kendi is from (and meet her family). I've never been to the touristy places I always recommend to my families. No Cape Coast, or Kakum, or slave castles in my personal experience. And of course my Ghanaian "family" continues to grow. There are people that I love and want to visit "just because."

In reality, I know that my awesome job will allow me to go and do some of these things. We place children from the Upper East, so it makes sense that I should go there and see where our kids are coming from. The same goes for Volta Region. I haven't thought of a job-related reason that I really NEED to go to Cape Coast, but maybe something will come up between now and then. =-) Or maybe my boss will let me stay a few extra days on my own dime just to experience the same touristy things our families do. She's sort of awesome that way. =-)

One thing is for sure. I miss Ghana. Every time I come home I am exhausted. I'm glad to be back in the luxury of my home and family. I think it will be a LONG time before I want to go back. I am fat. And I sweat a lot. And I HATE the air travel. But I guess, like child birth, it's all worth it after that initial pain is gone. I know I will always want to go back. I hope that I am a bit thinner the next time I get in one of those airplane seats, but even if I'm not it will be worth it!



Sister Beta 10:29 AM  

Aw, Ghana sure does grab your heart! The touristy things are fine (or heart WRENCHING, depending on which ones) but you've got the right idea-the places to go are where your heart is. Give me the Volta Region any day! The sound of Ewe is what soothes me, and who doesn't love Lake Volta? I'm missing Ghana now, too! :)Hope you get to go back soon.