Thursday, January 21, 2010

Day 5 Post Op: We're Outta Here!

Yes, it's true! Eric has the all clear. Things couldn't be arranged in time today, so we'll get out sometime tomorrow morning (which means afternoon, but who cares!). It's really amazing to me that 5 days after a major foreign organ was put into my husband he is ready to leave the hospital. Amazing.

Kidney function level is down to 1.68 today. It had to be below 2 before we left. They are very impressed. =-)

Eric was a rock star with drinking water and moving around today.

His pain is getting much better. It's no longer an all-over sort of pain. It's just around the incision site now. Not to say that it isn't still major pain. I'm sure I would be a total wimp still. But his pain is being managed nicely with pain killers.

Since we're going home on a weekend we won't have an appointment on Saturday or Sunday. We'll just have to go to the hospital for lab work. Then starting on Monday we'll go every day for an appointment AND labs for at least the first half of the week. Maybe we'll get Thursday off. We aren't sure. The following week we'll go for labs/appointments every other day. Eventually we'll get to 2X weekly, then once a week, once a month, and finally once a quarter (hope to get there after about six months post op).

Today Eric was unhooked from everything! First, the catheter came out. The man was happy to pee himself for a change! Next came his arm IV. Then finally the central line in his neck (disconnected but not OUT yet). He feels good being able to simply get out of bed, without all of the junk he had to drag around with him.

Blood sugars continue to be a DREAM. We keep waiting for the high sugars to hit. They assure us that his sugars will go out of control high once the immune suppressants really kick in. So far so good though. We'll just hope the Lord keeps it this way!

Eric is full of life again, making jokes and all. Today he told me that he's afraid he's going to turn into the girl on a road trip that has to stop at every gas station to pee. Let's just say he's going to the bathroom A LOT more than he has in the last 10 years.

I guess that's about it for now. A good day all around, in every way.


Cora 7:57 PM  

yea! so happy things are going so well.

Amy 8:31 PM  

Great news! We're big fans of peeing in water bottles on the road!! :)

Amy 8:31 PM  

Let me clarify - not me - the boys in my family.

Stephanie 9:43 PM  


Teabo Chica 11:19 PM  

Been praying for Eric, so glad your almost home!!

Heather A. 1:05 AM  

I am so happy for you guys! That's wonderful news, such an answer to prayers!

Amy 8:47 AM  

SOOOOOO glad to hear it! What a wonderful miracle- a new kidney and just days later, ready to go home. Incredible. :) Love to you!


bbqdaisy 2:19 PM  

FABELOUS news!!!!!
Sooooooo EXCITED for ALL of you!
Blessings as you transition back to life at home!
Blessings in Him

Deborah 6:08 PM  

This is AMAZING!!
You and Eric are in my thoughts and prayers.

whenpigsfly 9:42 PM  

Beyond thrilled for Eric................PRAISING GOD for such a good report. We are continuing to pray specifically about blood sugar, and for the pain to decrease quickly(glad the meds do help!)
WELCOME HOME ERIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We are Grateful!!! 9:49 PM  

Praising God!!!
What a warrior!
Hope you get more time off for Miss Okie's good behavior next week.