Saturday, January 23, 2010

Fibro Update

Thanks for all your comments and support after my fibro "coming out." =-) It feels good to get it all out there. Not that it was a secret, but I sort of felt like a wimp talking about my pain when doctors were telling me it was nothing real. One doctor actually did say I had "chronic pain syndrome" once. I asked him what that was. He said, "Oh, it's a junk diagnosis. Just means that you have pain that is unexplained. In your case, it's probably because of stress and obesity." I should really thank that doctor though. On the 29th of December I came down with a severe headache. A headache that I had in varying degrees for the next 10 days. I went to the doctor because it was just too much. While I was there I asked him if there was any other thing we could try for my chronic pain because nothing was working to relieve it. He said, "I can't help you. I'm not a pain doctor. And no, I don't have anybody to suggest to you." Then he gave me samples of a migraine medicine that was contraindicated with several of my other medicines. I had a bad reaction. And I fired him. If he wouldn't have been SO rude and SO inept, I'd probably still be messing around with him. But instead, I think I may have found a doctor that can help--or at LEAST a doctor that believes me. That is no small thing. =-)

The Tamadol I'm taking is not a long term answer, but is doing a good job right now controlling my pain. I cannot tell you how much better the days were in the hospital after I was able to take this pain medication to get me through the days. The other two medications I'm taking (Savella and another med I can't remember the name of) are medicines that you go on gradually. I won't really know if they help for another month or so. I am hopeful. As far as fibromyalgia is concerned I do not think I have a severe case. I still have days where only one or two things hurt. And there are lots of days when it's still possible to get around. Some days I would rather stay in bed all day though. =-) Sleep actually really helps me. No sleep= more pain. For that reason I usually try to lay down a few hours a day, when the kids are sleeping our having quiet time. I'm so blessed right? I have a job where I can do that!

I appreciate your prayers and words of support. But please don't feel sorry for me. I've had a win!!!! I feel hopeful for the first time in a long time. I'm going to keep my first of the year commitment to take better care of my self. Heck! I've already been to the foot doctor, who confirmed I wasn't imagining that pain (and am working to make it better). And now the doctor confirmed the fibro! I've got one more peice to the puzzle to work on. It's very private--my most intimate pain. Going to get checked out is going to be...well...let's just say that I hope these medications help to relieve the fibro so that I can stand the exam. Once I get up the courage to take care of that problem, I will really feel like I am on the right road!

The changes I'm making in eating habits is going very well. Addiction runs very strong in my family. My sister chose smoking. I chose food. I honestly do have an issue with sweets! But the first of the year I cut way way down. And now I'm to the point that the high level of sugar (or whatever it is) is out of my system. The other day I had candy in my purse but craved a banana! Ha! So I know I'm getting over the hump. In 2004 I lost 50-60 pounds, and I remember it being just the same. Once I got through the first couple of weeks my physical need for sugar went down, and my desire for healthier foods went way up. The same thing appears to be happening now.

My "get healthy" partner is Samren! Maybe you all have noticed that Samren is pudging up. Like his mommy, he likes to eat more than he should. For him, it's all things pasta and starch. He will eat more than a full grown man if we let him. But he doesn't like fruits and veggies that are good for him. We had a talk on New Year's Eve about our diets. My obesity bothers him more than any of the other kids. Everyday he encourages me to eat fruit rather than sweets, and I encourage him to eat fruits rather than another helping of pasta. We are both working on smaller portions. We both remind each other to stop eating when we don't feel hungry anymore, rather than going until we are full. We are keeping each other accountable. =-)