Friday, January 22, 2010

My Thank You Note:

I have always hated writing Thank You notes. In general, I have a terrible time mailing anything on time (even bills). I never get around to Christmas Cards, and many times don't get around to thank you notes. I'm so embarrassed to admit this, but I never even got Thank You cards out for my wedding! That's not to say I'm not thankful though. It's just the mail thing. I actually love writing my thoughts down (as this blog might suggest). I know with the craziness of the next month I will never get around to "real" thank you notes, so please accept this one.

Mom and Dennis: You dropped everything in a heartbeat to bring my children into your home this week. You drove six hours to and from Wichita, in one day, when you were planning on a day of rest. [Remember, my mom is just getting her strength back after a prolonged illness.] You took my children even though Dennis had knee surgery this week. You kept them on track with their homeschooling. And even though you were 3 hours away you were "there" for me every time I called this week. I hope that Eric and I are always as good of parents as you are to us. Thank you.

Aunt Sherry: Thank you for sacrificing your entire Saturday to drive up with Mom and Dennis at the drop of a hat. Thank you for being there for my mom, and making that drive with her again tomorrow. I have never ever questioned how much you love us. Just know we love you back. Thank you.

Aunt Margaret: I would have never thought to ask you to come up during Eric's surgery. I felt I was fine waiting it out alone. But having you there for those last few hours was a blessing I didn't see coming. I've always loved and respected you so much. But I don't think I've ever had the pleasure of just sitting and talking with you for two whole hours, just you and me! It was a special time that I will never forget.

Nichole: Nichole, I don't think I have ever been more proud to call you my sister. During your first week of no smoking you took on a task that is way beyond the scope of your normal activities. You watched 4 or 5 kids from early morning until early evening. You did a great job with the kids' homeschooling. And no, they do not think you are mean Aunt Nichole! They just know you aren't a push-over, which I really appreciate. Even though I'm sure you were greatly tempted to smoke this week, you didn't. You stayed strong. And each day you remain strong I learn from you and become more proud of you. Eric and I and our children will continue to cheer you on and pray for you as you make these amazing positive changes in your life. [Nichole is going back to church after 15 years, she's stopped smoking, and she is keeping her home very clean.] We will be there for you, just like you were there for us this week. We love you. Everybody, if you want to read more about my kids' week through the eye of my sister (including photos) check out her blog! Don't forget to cheer her on!!!

Friends, Bloggy/E-friends, Family, and Church Family: Thank you for your prayers this last week. They were honestly felt. When we asked for prayers for Eric's blood sugars THAT VERY NIGHT they got under control. Since that night they have been beautiful. We believe with all our hearts that your prayers made that difference. Thank you for praying for the donor's family. Thank you for uplifting me and my children. Thank you for your continued prayers and support in the coming weeks. Our surgeon told us today that some donor kidneys can be mistreated and still last a long time. Other donor kidneys are mistreated ONCE and that will kill the kidney. That's scary because we are fallible humans after all. We have about 50 pills a day (not exxagerating) to keep track of. Eric has 120 ounces of water to drink every day. We have four kids that accidentally kick and jab and bump because they are kids. Eric's kidney is now basically on the right side, beside his bellybutton. You can literally FEEL the kidney. It's not as protected as our kidneys are naturally. God's design is better. =-) So we ask that you continue to pray for Eric. Continue to pray that Miss Okie can "take a licking and keep on ticking!" We need her to be a tough ol' girl!

Love to all,