Sunday, January 17, 2010


It's 11:37am. I just got word that they have called for Eric to be picked up from the recovery room. He went into surgery at about 6:30am and got out at about 10:00am. I haven't talked to anybody with any information, but I'm assuming all went well. No news is good news?

So it is finished. I have such a peaceful sense of relief. No tears before, during, or after surgery. It just feels like it is as it is supposed to be. I was praying and searching my soul for why I didn't feel very emotional. {During the trial run I was crying most of the day.} It hit me that the enormity of the situation is so great--SO in God's hands--that it would do absolutely no good for me to add worry or stress. I didn't have a feeling like it would DEFINITELY go well. I just had a feeling that we were DEFINITELY in God's hands and even if the worst (in our eyes) happened, it would all be okay.

I'm so thankful for my life so far with Eric. I hope for many more years. But even if the Lord were to call him home I would be thankful for the time we had, with no regrets.

I don't know exactly what the next month will hold, but I'm pretty sure it will be a trying time. We will have appointments every day for a while, even after he is out of the hospital. Then every two days, then every three days, and so on. Eventually we'll have appointments once a quarter. If the Lord wishes, He could make this kidney last 25 years. Or maybe we'll get much less time. One of my internet buddies always used to sign her posts, "In His Grip of Grace." That's how I feel.

In His Grip of Grace,


whenpigsfly 1:01 PM  

We prayed for Eric in Sunday School, prayed again i nthe morning service and we have continued to pray...I was on pins and needles to get home and check for an update.
REJOICING with you, trusting for good reports hour after hour and day after day!
Linda and crew

The Eisele Family 1:22 PM  

Crying tears of joy as I read of Eric's surgery finally being completed. Praying for all of you during this time. My cousin had a kidney transplant and has done SO well after. Praying that is the case for Eric as well. Hugs to all of you!!!!!

Our Journey 1:24 PM  

Praise the Lord that Eric came through surgery and it is complete! Praying for an amazing recovery and lots of grace for the next several weeks when you all will be so busy with those appts. Can't wait to hear your next update :)

"M" and "C" 2:18 PM  

We will definitely continue to lift you up in our prayers!
Charmaine and Mark

mary grace 3:01 PM  

Just came by to check and see if you had any news! We prayed for you guys as a family this a.m., and are SO happy that God's perfect timing has brought you here! May Eric heal well and quickly, and may there peace reign as you journey the next part of this road!

Brandi 3:42 PM  

Jesse and I are reading this and PRAISING God with tons of tears in our eyes. What a strong woman of faith you are - God is using you right now, at this moment, to encourage me before our surgery on Wednesday. I've been so nervous all of a sudden, and your words of truth - God's words, have given me perspective again. We are so thankful for Eric's kidney. What a gift.
Lots of love your way,
Brandi and Jesse Gibbs

Amy 4:13 PM  

Been praying since we heard and will continue to do so. The girls asked me about Eric first thing when they got up today. :) We love you all and are SO glad it finally happened for you guys!!!! More prayers for a speedy and full recovery for Eric!


Jen 4:24 PM  

I am glad you are so at peace with everything. It would only make it harder if you were anything but. What a blessing to feel that way. We will keep you all in our prayers and I will be blog stalking you to keep up with the latest updates! Praying that his body accepts the kidney and all goes well.

Kari 4:24 PM  

Praying that your recovery time is just as peaceful as the surgery day.
Big Hugs and many prayers!

His Hands His Feet Today 4:41 PM  

So happy for you! I can't believe what a quick surgery that is/was! Hallelujah! Praying for him in the days to come.

Ericka 5:40 PM  

Oh Anita!
This is wonderful news and so long waited for!
In the midst of this terrible week, so glad to rejoice.

Story of our Life 6:02 PM  

welll my love...I'm crying tears of joy for you, your family, your lovely chidlren and most sweet and loving husband!!

What a glorious way to celebrate the New Year (few weeks shy)!!

Sending our love!!


Stephanie 6:42 PM  

Oh Anita! With everything going on in Haiti I missed all of this good stuff. I am crying happy tears and rejoicing for your family. I pray for continued healing and that God will sustain this kidney for a very long time!

Ferenje Mama 7:08 PM  

Thinking of you at this most challenging time. Sending cyber hugs for all of you for a quick recovery for Eric.

We are Grateful!!! 7:39 PM  

Anita...what great news!
We will definately keep you all in prayer. May God's peace continue to be evident for all of you.
Blessings and Love, Tami and Fam

Stacy 7:46 PM  

So very glad for you and this wonderful news and hoping for a speedy, safe recovery!

Deborah 10:32 PM  

Breathing a sigh of relief...I am so happy that God has answered your prayers in this way. I will be rejoicing and praying with you and for you in the weeks to come. This is one of those times that I wish we were neighbors and I could come and get the kids and keep them for you a while :) Well, I CAN pray, and will for the next several weeks. I look forward to your updates.

Love and hugs to you, my friend,

Polly 5:41 AM  

Oh Anita, no words can describe the thrill and happiness I have for you and Eric. Life will be so much easier, a healthy husband to top it off. Many doctors appointments and lab work ahead but sooooo worth it. Gotta name that kidney and pray for him by name daily, Cambrie's is Freddie and we faithfully pray for him. let us know the name so we can add him to our prayer list as a family.

ManyBlessings 3:48 PM  

Praising God with you!!!!! Now praying for healing and recovery!

Amy 6:14 PM  

How is Eric today? Been wondering and praying!!! Love you!


KamPossible 12:09 PM  

You my friend, are an inspiration! You inspire me to be a better wife, mother, humanitarian and most importantly, child of God.

God bless you as much as he can!!!