Sunday, January 17, 2010

Perfect Weekend for a Kidney

Now that you know the nitty gritty of our day yesterday, let me tell you an interesting back story.

On Friday afternoon as I was driving to pick up Eric I thought, "This would be a perfect weekend for a kidney!" I probably think that most weekends, but this time my spirit quickened. I'm sure you've felt that at some point in your life. After so many weeks and months (and years!) of no kidney call, I just pretty much ignored that quickening. I thought of it as the physical feeling of hope. But now I think it was something else.

When Eric got in the car I told him light-heartedly that it was a good weekend for a transplant. He said, "Work would freak out if the transplant came this weekend. They really need me right now." Then we both agreed jokingly that sealed the deal--the kidney would definitely come THIS weekend because it was the worst possible time for it to happen work-wise. LOL!

We went out and ate dinner at a restaurant (a pretty rare treat for us). By this time Taevy had heard me and Eric talking about the transplant and said, "You know mom, this really is the perfect weekend for a transplant. I really believe it."

Every single time Eric's phone has rang since our false alarm last summer we have always said, "Shh! It's daddy's transplant!" Seriously, every single time. We always hush up and listen for the person on the other line, and then exhale when it's not the kidney transplant coordinator. [Side thought: To the transplant coordinator calling a person about a transplant must equal to when I get to call a family about a referral or court!] Yesterday, when it was the transplant coordinator, Eric was just finishing up a big 'ol throw up session. So OF COURSE the one time it is the transplant coordinator we didn't say it would be her!

These are just little thing that really don't mean anything in the long haul, but will always be stories we tell within our family about the day Daddy got his kidney. =-)

P.S. T-minus 20 minutes....


Rachel 7:22 AM  

So excited for you guys and praying like crazy!

KamPossible 8:08 AM  

and praying and praying....

Michelle 8:37 AM  

I am so excited for you guys! yeah!!!

Rogers Camp 9:11 AM  

God bless you and your family! What an awesome gift!

Jen 9:51 AM  

I am so excited for you all and praying that all goes well. It is a perfect weekend for a kidney!

Heather A. 10:18 AM  

Praying like crazy for you and Eric!

Amy 10:46 AM  

Praying and praying and waiting to hear that all went well! We love you!!!!!!!


Cora 11:29 AM  

so excited for your family! Please keep us posted when you can.