Thursday, January 07, 2010


In October 2008, she had this.

By January 2009 she had this: By June 2009 she had this:In August 2009 there was a little phase of hair styling that we might not appreciate here in the U.S. (to say the least).The shea buttered heard with squiggly designs must have helped though, because by October 2009 Kendi was rockin' her first style with elastics--just barely!.January 2010. A whole year since we met. A whole year of hair growth. And we've almost sort of kinda got puffs, on the part of her scalp that has hair.I think we've graduated from "not really puffs but rather individual curls tied up in elastics" in October to "not really puffs but they are sort of puffy" in January! Maybe by March we'll have REAL puffs going on! Maybe by next March we can even have hair over the entire scalp! But I might be setting my expectations to high there. =-)