Thursday, January 07, 2010


I never really find it all that interesting when people post about their dogs on their blog, but I seem to do it just as much. Oh well.

I don't know if I mentioned that when we took in Layla (new puppy) we knew it could be more of a fostering situation. The woman that had them needed to place them with families so that she could take more of the puppies from the same litter in (so the owner wouldn't kill them). We told the kids from the first day that we are helping Layla become a good dog and she *MIGHT* stay but she might go to another family when she's trained and such.

Whew! I'll tell ya, we are pretty crowded around here! I wonder how Kendi feels when all of these tails and noses running around at her eye level? LOL! Over all the big dogs are doing well with Layla. They play too rough sometimes, and have growled to show her who is boss, but the puppy is still alive (which is saying something)!

I hinted before Christmas that we are having problems with Jed. It's not really that as much as Jed and Kiki are having problems with each other. Keeks is the dominant dog around here. She is 1/2 Akita and has the personality to prove it. Sometimes Jed does something to get on her bad side so they will get in a fight. Jed has 15 pounds on Kiki but he doesn't know it. He ends up hurting her, but then thinks he got HIS butt kicked. Then Jed tries to assert his dominance on US since he can't win over Kiki. He hasn't bitten, but he can be scary enough to really make me concerned. Before Christmas we really thought we were going to have to find a new home for him.

Since puppy Layla came into the mix though, Jed seems to be in a much better place. Maybe because he can be dominant over her? I don't know. But having Layla around helps Jed.

Eric goes crazy with the dogs always under foot in our small (for the number of living things) living area. He is fine with NO dogs but I told him that will never happen--he married the wrong gal if that's the case! It must be hard for a mostly blind guy though. He's always tripping over one of them! The other night I totally cracked up when I realized that every living thing in this family (6 people, 3 dogs, and 1 inside/outside cat) were in the kitchen, in a space that was about 4X6. TOO MUCH!


Heather A. 2:58 PM  

Be careful Anita, you might just pass MY dog ownership level. And that's saying something!