Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Our new friend "S"!

I don't think I've ever posted about our dear friends from church. It's so nice when you meet a family that you have a lot in common with. When we met we each had 3 kids. Both dads are computer programmers. Then the E family began their adoption of 1 child from Ethiopia--a baby boy. THEN it turned into 2 kids! Then into two "positive" kids! In the mean time, as you know, we started and completed our adoption of Kendi.

I think it's so special that in our circle of close friends, we have two other positive kids in the mix. As they grow up together I am hoping they can learn to lean on each other when things get tough--when the stigma gets to be too much or when they are tired of downing medicine.

Our friends welcomed home Little S a few weeks before Christmas. Good grief he is scrumptious!!!!! He is a VERY healthy almost 30 pounds at 17 months old! LOL! His eyelashes are to die for, and his laugh is even better. We got to host S for a few hours today while his mommy did some work. We think we'll get to have S over once a week for a while. The kids thought it was so fun to have a baby in the house (even if the baby outweighted Kendi by 6 pounds). I hope they will all be friends for a very very long time.
Our friends will be bringing their second Ethiopian child home next week! I can't wait to meet L. She is close to Taevy's age. I don't know if me or Taevy is more excited to meet her! Once L is home our two families will have nine kids from six different countries (counting the US). Please add the E family to your prayers as they go through the adjustment of adding two kids to the family in two months.



Adoption Advocates International 7:00 PM  

Hey, I know L and she's one of my very favorites. I was excited to hear she'll be in Tulsa with you. Give her lots of kisses and fattening food...she's a skinny girl but with a gorgeous gorgeous smile. Susan

Carrie 10:30 PM  

We are adopting one of L's friends, Z, and are so excited that L is coming home so soon! I've been following your blog since I heard about your work in Ghana on the AAI Ethiopia yahoo group. It has been a pleasure to watch you bring home Kendi and was fun today to read about your friendship with a family I've come to "know" a little bit online. If we ever make it out to Oklahoma, we'd love to actually meet both of your families in person.

A. Gillispie 11:09 PM  

Well, who knew the E family and their kids were so famous!

Susan, I so look forward to meeting L. I think she will have much to teach this 'ol mama. Her mom and I were just talking about what size jeans she will wear. My Taevy is super skinny and so is her other daugher L. We think they'll all probably share clothes constantly. ;-)

Carrie! Small world, eh?! Yes, if you ever make it here to Okie land we should definitely have our own little mini AAI reunion. ;-D