Tuesday, January 05, 2010

The "Real Mommy Award" goes too....

Mary Grace over at Books and Bairns! Do you read this blog? If you don't, you should. There are some blogs worth reading even if the person doesn't have a lot in common with you. There are some writers that are so good that whatever they are writing about is interesting. I really get into most all of Mary Grace's posts (especially now that I'm homeschooling) but today's post really frosts my cake!

Mary Grace talks about all the things she said that she would never allow as a mom, that are sometimes allowed anyway. We've all been there, done that, right? More importantly, she mentions that when those rules are relaxed it's really a form of grace. So true. I can get really caught up in the JUSTICE of rules and order. Our kids need that. But they also need GRACE. Lord knows where I would be if He didn't hand me a good measure of grace to get through each day!

There are nights when the kids have done nothing to deserve getting out of their chores. They've done NOTHING to win our respect or understanding. Sometimes, on those same nights, Eric and I don't care. Rather than handing out justice we hand out grace. And we tell them so! "We're giving you grace tonight. Get over here and cuddle so we can watch this movie together." That is met with, "Yea! Thanks for giving us grace mommy and daddy!" Of course there are also some nights where we are asked, "Mommy and daddy can you PLEASE give us grace tonight?" "No! Get upstairs and clean your room NOW!"

Thanks for the reminder Mary Grace! And on the selfish side, it feels better to say we're "giving grace" than it does to say we're "not consistent" right? That's a real mom for ya!

P.S. I totally have the "No guns, but swords and light sabers are okay" rule! Well, I did. Until I figured out that they will make guns whether I buy them or not. So now we have the "No pointing guns at people but you can at the dogs." rule! Well, except for Nerf Dart Tag....


Julie 4:29 PM  

Mary Grace is a cool lady. She uses Sonlight and is active on their posting board.

Laurel 5:21 PM  

We used to have the "no guns" rule as well ... until Big Brother joined the army and everything became about guns, for the little brothers. :)

I haven't been to Mary Grace's blog, but will do that this evening. Julie (above) says she uses Sonlight, which is what we are using this year, as well. I look forward to perusing her writings. Thanks!

We, too, give our children grace, often ... and we tell them that is what we are giving, and explain why. It is a concept that would be difficult to teach, if you weren't actively giving examples.

mama of many

Ferenje Mama 5:02 PM  

I laughed out loud at your PS. So true! I am not a believer in giving children guns.. but I know things will be different when we bring our children home - one day. :)

mary grace 6:29 PM  

Glad you enjoyed it! And yes--grace sounds much nicer than giving in. :-)