Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Technically Correct Answer, by Samren

[As I continue to teach Samren how to decide whether he needs to use addition or subtraction to solve his story problems...]

Me: Samren. Mr. Arnold needs 170 cookies for the back sale. He has already made 78 cookies. How many more cookies does he need to make? [Silence.] Okay Samren. You can do this! What do we need to do to figure out the answer?

Samren: Math

ROFL! LOL! Not what I was looking for, but technically correct!


Cora 11:21 PM  

kids crack me up. You better learn to be specific :0)

Welcome 8:18 PM  

laughing... I am just laughing!

Welcome 8:19 PM  

I wish I knew why my sign in name is "welcome" it's me Kami