Monday, January 04, 2010

Baby, It's COLD Outside!

BRRR!!!!! I don't know how you northerners do it! We got a blizzard on Christmas Eve and there is still snow on the ground. I don't think I ever remember OK keeping snow on the ground for so long. We've hardly been above freezing since Christmas. This week will be the coldest yet. We're going to get down to -0-! I typically tough it out in an outerwear sweater during the winter here, but today I had to pull out the "heavy coat" (that I haven't worn in about 4 years). Our husky and akita may have been bred to deal with cold weather but they have become soft. They cry to get inside. And the poor puppy. Who wants to be house trained when they have to pee on ice?! I'm sitting here with two quilts, a cat, and a puppy on my lap. Poor kitty usually stays outside, but I'm afraid he'd be a kitty-pop by morning. They make good lap warmers.

I don't know which is worse--super cold or super hot. Glad we don't have to put up with this much here in Oklahoma!

P.S. Kendi has decided it gets her nowhere to cry every time she has to go outside. She's toughed up I suppose. She just walks to and from the car as fast as she can, with a "I can't believe I have to deal with this" look on her face.


Stephanie 9:23 AM  

Let me tell you that this northerner is ready to move someplace that doesn't get this cold. I am so sick of it and I feel sorry for poor Mercy having to come home to a Wisconsin winter!

whenpigsfly 12:59 PM  

Give me steamy Cambodia or Southern Vietnam, Thailand or steamy Liberia, steamy SW Louisiana.......... any day! A bottle of water does more to cool me than my woood stove does to warm me, this transplanted deep southern girl is longing for Oklahoma June!