Friday, February 26, 2010

AAI's "Positive" Kids

We are so blessed at AAI to have a coordinator dedicated to working strictly with HIV adoptions! Erin ( currently has 90 HIV+ children waiting to be adopted through our programs! NINETY! That is 90 opportunities for YOU to parent one of these awesome children! Most all of the children are in Ethiopia and 3 years or older. Some of the children have siblings (who may or may not be positive). Some children are in Thailand (super low adoption fees!). And Erin is even looking for a few families to be pilot families for HIV+ adoption in China!

HIV+ children have lower fees than other children.

You'd be working with Erin, who parents two positive kids herself and is a leader in HIV adoption advocacy (and an all around great person).

In Ethiopia the kids are monitored closely and are put on meds if needed.

If you adopt one of these waiting kiddos--that erases your referral wait time! Who doesn't love that?!

All joking aside, if you have wondered about adopting an HIV+ child, why not take the first step? This is becoming such an acceptable and everyday thing that AAI currently has a waiting list of folks who would like to adopt very young HIV+ kids. Contact Erin ( for more information.

P.S. No waiting positive children in our Ghana program, currently.


Salzwedel Family 10:09 AM  

We have considered HIV+ adoption so I must say I am intrigued...if we EVER get to finish the adoption we are on, that is.

Cora 12:28 PM  

I could have just copied and pasted the Salzwedel Family comment, lol. But no more pilot programs for us we have had enough of this particular roller coaster.

Beckie Sibley 12:30 PM  

Anita, we are VERY open to adopting HIV+ kids, particularly sibling groups. Our only concern, albeit a huge one, is the cost of medical care once the child(ren) are home. Can you point me to websites and blogs that provide information on this issue? Also, Jason and I are both 53. Maybe we aren't even candidates at all.

Any pointers you have time to give would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks so much.

A. Gillispie 8:28 PM  

Steph, once your princess is home and the dust settles, I just have a feeling you'll be ready to fight for another one! You've gone through hell with your adoption. If you can do that, your next will be a peice of cake!

Cora, ditto what I said to Steph! LOL! I believe that AAI has already processed an HIV+ child for China, so it might not be as "pilot" as it sounds--not compared to what you have gone through to get BB home!

Beckie, email Erin! She has some really good information ready to send to those who are interested in adopting HIV+ kids but have questions. I can tell you that for us, Kendi's meds cost $100 a month (on insurance). Her HIV doctor is just the cost of a regular doctor co-pay ($25). I could be wrong, but I think your ages would be fine with Ethiopia!

Beckie Sibley 9:51 AM  

Thanks Anita! I emailed Erin this morning.