Saturday, February 27, 2010

Fun Night with the Fam

Tonight was one of those all around fun nights. I think the best nights are the ones that aren't planned for. If it's spur of the moment there is no anticipation of greatness, so little chance for let down!

Eric's yearly bonus came in today. Almost ever dollar will go to pay off debt (YEA!), but we did allow ourselves to feel well-to-do for a few hours. =-) We went to a local department store and bought everybody a few luxury items. We almost always buy clothes second-hand or off-season. I just feel that's the smart thing to do. Tonight everybody purchased a new item of current season clothing. I think it's hardest for me not to buy new expensive stuff for Kendi--because little girl's clothes are so darn cute and she is such a good model!! We got her the most adorable tunic shirt and capris--her button won't show at all with the loose shirt. Taevy got a gorgeous black and yellow dress. I got these super-cute white, orange, and blue plaid shorts for Bright (he looks so good preppy!). Eric got his Easter clothes. I got a few shirts. We got some cute family picture frames, and some new earrings for Kendi. Samren wasn't in the mood to shop so he didn't choose anything. We tore that store up! LOL! That was the end of our pretending to be rich though. =-)

After our shopping spree we headed to dinner. Love the new Arby's value menu. $15 and the crew was fed.

Then it was off to the budget movie. The Princess and the Frog was on. Can't beat $10 for a family of six to see a movie on the big screen! Eric splurged another $10 for the big tub of popcorn and a big soda. The kids thought they were really living! LOL! I think Kendi ate her weight in popcorn. =-)

It was a good night and everybody is now sleeping soundly (except me).

On the movie, was anybody else disappointed with The Princess and the Frog? I had heard it was so cute, so I guess my expectations were too high. It was worth the price we paid but I'm glad I didn't pay to go see it when it first came out. Honestly, Bright and Kendi were the only ones in our family who liked it. It had some cute/funny parts in it, but definitely not one of my favorites. For one thing, the "princess" was only a princess for about 30 seconds at the end of the movie! But the thing that bugged us the most was all the demon/ghost/voo-doo stuff. I guess that just isn't kid-friendly material to me. Three of my four kids were scared by those parts (covered faces and all). But for the record, I also think that The Little Mermaid sea witch is way scary and not kid-appropriate either! I'm "that" mom. =-)

Tomorrow I'm off to do some major spring/summer shopping at a HUMONGOUS consignment sale at the fairgrounds. Even Eric gets excited when the JBF sale rolls around! He knows we save major bucks buying our kids' clothes this way. And honestly, even though it was fun buying off the racks tonight, I will feel better tomorrow when I come home feeling like I saved a ton of money!



Bingaling 8:48 AM  

I loved The Princess and the Frog. Our boys didn't seem too bothered by the voodoo stuff...and we talked about it later. We really LOVED the music! And, I guess I knew the story was a New Orleans story, so I went in to it looking forward to the zydeco music and assuming there would be a voodoo story in it because that is so steeped in the history and mythology of the city of New Orleans.

Have fun at the big sale! I love it when I can buy the boys' clothes at sales like that!

Cora 12:25 PM  

sounds like a wonderful evening. Have fun shopping I love a good bargain!

Heather A. 4:24 PM  

Ha! It's nice to see someone whose even more conservative that we are when it comes to kids movies! I didn't think it was possible!

We watched Planet 51 last night, not sure if you've seen that or not, but at one point the human astronaut stood up, and his towel (which was the only thing covering him) fell to the floor. You didn't see anything but his upper torso, but the aliens made a comment about how weird it was to have an antennae down "there". I almost had a heart attack!

I guess it all just depends on what your conservative about. for us, the sex is the worst!