Sunday, February 28, 2010

Exhuasted, but satisfied (shopping)

Bright will be mostly sporting the preppy look this year.
Taevy went with me and chose her own clothes. I miss her in light pinks, but she is a brown, black, and teal sort of girl.
Thank goodness I still have several more years to choose Kendi's clothes! Frilly and girly!
Everything stacked on the couch.
Kendi wears size 6-12 month hats. Tiny head.
Samren was super-psyched about the black and yellow sketchers. He says they are "good jumpers."
Whew. No more shopping for me. I am done. I spent seven hours of my day going through thousands of consigned clothes for my four kiddos. I bought Kendi and Bright's entire Spring/Summer wardrobe. I bought about 75% of Taevy's wardrobe. We scored a few weeks ago with a $15 box of clothes of Craiglist for Samren, that provided him all he needs for spring/summer except for a few church shirts. I got those today. Also got Kendi some cute hats. Samren, Bright, and Kendi all got new shoes. My kids are going to be well dressed for the next several months. My hubby is proud of me. My kids are excited. I'm a happy, but exhausted, mommy.

Any guesses how much all this cost? You know you want to guess! Not pictured are Samren's 4 dress shirts and 1 pair of slacks.


Dani Neumann 10:26 AM  

Around $100 maybe? It's a lot of clothes, but I know you're great at finding those extra-awesome deals ^_^

whenpigsfly 9:01 AM  

Amazing shop Anita!!! i'll guess $125.00. Wish I'd been able to go shop overthere for my kiddos yeaterday. I need that kind of place but there isn't anything like that in Stillwater. Did you say that event is twice a year??

Kait 4:46 PM  

I'm going to guess something ridiculous like $75. I'm also incredibly jealous of your thrifting skills!

A. Gillispie 8:42 PM  

Okay, you guys think FAR to much of my shopping skills if you think I could get all that for anywhere close to $75-$150!!!!! ROFL!!!! This consignment sale is definitely NOT garage sale prices. I should have also mentioned that most all of the things I buy are Gap, Old Navy, Gymboree, and other "higher end" department store brands that I would normally never buy. I also buy a hand full of target/wal-mart brand clothes.

Here's what I got:
15 dresses
18 shirts
11 shorts/capris/pants
1 bathing suit
2 pairs shoes
8 hats/bandanas

7 shirts
6 shorts/skirts
3 dresses

8 shorts
18 shirts
1 pair shoes

4 shirts
1 pant
2 pair shoes

Yes, I know I went overboard. No child needs as many clothes as I got Kendi! And 18 shirts for Bright? Yikes. I'm more than a little embarrassed now that I counted it all up! The average price per item was $3.42. There were 105 items purchased, totally around $360.

I *DID* feel good about that total until you all guessed $75-$150! LOL! Oh well. =-)

A. Gillispie 8:46 PM  

Linda, the sale just started Sunday and goes through Saturday! Still penty of time to shop! Friday everything is 25% off and Saturday everything is 50% off. Come down and get some things for your Daniel baby!! Last fall we went on the very last day and got a lot of stuff at 1/2 off. There was still PLENTY.