Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Are you waiting for Sampson?

{Updated to say: Permission to post on your blog about Sampson, but please do not post his picture on other blogs/list.}

Could you be Sampson's family? If so, please speak up! We are looking for you!

[If Sampson could talk to you, maybe he would say...]

"Dear Mommy and Daddy,

My name is Sampson. I'm 2.5 years old. I live in Ghana. My life was turned upside down a few months ago when my first mommy died and my first daddy couldn't take care of me. Now I live in this new place, where people are nice and I get a lot of food, but I still miss my first family. I'm really sad right now, but the Aunties tell me that soon I will get used to this new place and I will "blossom" like the other Eban House kids.

These days I don't feel too good. They say I have a virus in my blood called HIV. It might be making me feel bad, but we aren't for sure yet. I might just need better food so that my strength grows. I go to a good doctor now, that will take good care of me until you can come and bring me to my new home in America. Mostly, I just want someone to hold me and love me. I don't know where you are, or who you are, but I'm waiting for you."

I don't usually post about AAI's waiting children on my blog (and certainly not with a picture), but I'm making an exception for Sampson. It seems a crime to me that this gorgeous little guy is waiting just because of the highly treatable virus running through is body. I just got through talking to Kendi's doctor about when she grows up and has babies and grand babies. Sampson can have the same future! We are looking for a family with a COMPLETED INTERNATIONAL HOMESTUDY for Sampson. If you have a COMPLETED INTERNATIONAL HOMESTUDY and would like to know more about Sampson please email me at anita@adoptionadvocates.org. I cannot share more information with families who do not have a current homestudy--sorry. If you don't have a homestudy, you would (of course) be welcome to start the process in hopes of adopting Sampson, but we cannot place Sampson on hold while you do that. He needs a family now--today--yesterday, actually.

Are you waiting for Sampson? We know this much about his family. They will be between 25-50 years old. They will have 6 or fewer children at home. The will be willing to travel to Ghana at least once. And they will know in their hearts that HIV is really not THAT big of a deal. =-)



Stephanie 11:09 PM  

Oh. my. word...he is precious! Praying for his family.

Nadia 12:13 AM  

he's just gorgeous!! I wish!!

FullPlateMom 7:54 AM  

If our home wasn't about to be filled with yet another two Ghanaian additions, I would be emailing you. Had God led me to a child with HIV, we would have done it in a heart beat, and I was a Peds HIV RN, so I know just how easy this disease is becoming to manage. It's the stigma that is ridiculous.

What a beautiful guy. A family would be SO blessed to add him to their home. I bet your inbox is filling right now.

Jodie 8:46 AM  

He is adorable, praying he finds his forever family very very soon!

Kait 8:59 AM  

If our homestudy was done...he's beautiful and he deserves a beautiful life.

Rachel 11:13 AM  

He is just precious! Praying his family finds him soon!

Cora 2:28 PM  

What a sweetie! It is just not fair that I can't take in all the children I want to. Hope he finds his family soon!

Heather 2:39 PM  

Uh... you are killing me. Seriously.

From Diapers To Dorms 4:17 PM  

Anita- Is there a way that we can help remove the financial barrier for his future family? Please e-mail me when you get the time. I have some ideas, but I am not sure if they would be acceptable to AAI or not.

A. Gillispie 8:53 PM  

Well, I guess Sampson's family doesn't read my blog. =-( Not a single person emailed me about Sampson. Pretty down right now.

From Diapers To Dorms 10:28 AM  

Anita- I would have e-mailed you the second I read the post yesterday, but we only have a completed domestic homestudy, not an international one. I totally understand the need for a "ready-to-go" family for this little angel, so I didn't want to bug you with an "if only..." e-mail. Now, if we could get the homestudy done while accepting a referral, I would. Please don't lose faith that his family is out there searching for him! -Angela

FruitfulJenn 9:24 AM  

What a precious little boy. We fit the criteria for his new family, but are in the process of adopting two children from Ethiopia... if there was a way we could do both, I would in a heart beat. I'm praying his forever family will be found asap.

A. Gillispie 3:00 PM  


I wish! Your family looks lovely. I'm not sure about how Ghana would view concurrent adoptions, but family size would be an issue because your two little ones in Ethiopia would be counted in the family size. I wish that Ghanaians saw the benefits of large families that we see here in America!

Jane 9:03 PM  

Wow, he is beautiful. We are in the process of bringing home a little boy from Ethiopia right now? do you know the rules on doing both? and are their ways to help financially if our health insurance isn't great?

RACHEL 11:45 AM  
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**Heidi** 3:26 PM  

Ooooh how I wish we had and international home study completed. I will pray for Sampson and dream about the day my family can be blessed with an addition like him to our family!