Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Kendi--please pray fervently

Hi all,

We just got a call from Ark Children's. Kendi's liver numbers are very elevated. I just got off the phone. Haven't researched what all it could mean yet. If you know, please let me a comment or email me. We'll be taking her for new labs on Friday, hoping to figure out what is going on.

Here are December numbers, compared with yesterday's numbers:

AST was 34 in December, 334 yesterday

ALT was 23 in December, 289 yesterday

LDH was 844 in December, 1225 yesterday.

Linda? Becky? Michele? Anybybody else that could know what these numbers indicate? We are redoing Hep A and B testing, I know that much. Forgive me, but the prospect of Hep B feels a lot more scarier to me than HIV ever did.

Please pray that this is NOTHING.


From Diapers To Dorms 4:10 PM  
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From Diapers To Dorms 4:12 PM  

Prayers surround you and your family as always Anita!


Shea 4:24 PM  

Has she been tested fro hep c as well?

Cora 5:41 PM  

Hope you know what is causing this soon.

Renee 7:20 PM  

Praying Anita!!!

Could it be her meds?

I had liver failure in 2005 from a reaction to Aleve (ALT was 42,000) a drug I had taken many times before.

Praying for healing and peace.

Salzwedel Family 7:33 PM  

Praying right now!

A. Gillispie 8:51 PM  

Shea, no. She hasn't been tested for Hep C, but will be on Friday. =-(

Renee, she just started meds for the first time today, so meds couldn't have caused the spike. =-(

Thanks for your prayers, all.

whenpigsfly 9:06 PM  

Those are all indicative of liver troubles that is for sure. Naomi's Hep B viral DNA counts are crazy high, and they keep climbing but her liver enzyme tests are still all within normal levels. We are praying right now for Kendi!! PRAISE GOD that she is here with you to get medical care for WHATEVER is going on. Praying for God's perfect peace to cast out ALL fear for all of you!!

Heather A. 10:34 PM  

prayers for your baby!

Becky 11:22 PM  

It could just be virus. It effects all her vital organs. I'm going to pray that once her viral load starts to drop, then the LFTs will start to regulate as well. The other possibilities are too scary for your mama heart, so lets not go there yet.

I'm praying for you, Eric, Kendi, Bright, Samren and Taevy as you face what this virus can dish out. The good thing is that the liver is a hearty organ. Scary levels one day and then some good healing a little bit down the road. Hang in there.

A. Gillispie 11:40 PM  

Becky, will you email me personally? I can't seem to find your addy right now. I am really a mom who NEEDS to know all of the possibilities--even the really scary stuff. I just need to be told the worst case scenario so I can prepare, and then (hopefully) celebrate when it turns out to be something else. I will cry. I will hurt. But I can take it.

Are you thinking Hep C or worse? I KNOW you cannot tell me for sure what's going on, but I value your opinion.

Momto14 5:41 PM  

praying! praying!