Thursday, February 18, 2010

I'm back. We're okay.

Thank you so much for your prayers. I'm sorry if I made anybody worry. It was one of those things where I had to just turn off the computer and take care of my family. I know some people don't believe that satan actually attacks at certain times, but I do. I don't give him a lot of credit or power from it, but I do believe it happens. Our family was under such strong attack the last few days (really the last few weeks). I just had to shut down all outside influences (phone, email, internet) and take care of them and me.

Kendi threw up most of the night on Tuesday night. She had a fever as high as 103. I was so scared for her, as she was a lot worse Tuesday night than she was the day of her surgery. All kinds of guilty thoughts entered my head. What had I done to my baby?

Wednesday by about noon she was able to hold down clear liquids. By afternoon she had held down a few crackers. And by last night we were able to give her her meds without worrying she would vomit them. She is close to her usual self now, thank the Lord.

There's a lot more to all of this "attack." Kendi was one part of a mountain of things. The important thing is that we think she's alright now. Thank you for your prayers. As always, I believe they are POWERFUL and did make a difference for her.

Hope to update more later. Right now I've got a mountain of stuff to catch up on with AAI.



Laurel 10:26 PM  

We have been battling a MOUNTAIN of attacks from Satan the past 8 months. We see the light at the end of the tunnel, but it has been a long dark tunnel of spiritual warfare.

Praying for you!

mama of 13

Ericka 6:57 AM  

so relieved little Kendi is doing better.....
prayers for momma too :)

From Diapers To Dorms 9:22 AM  

Happy to hear that Kendi is on the mend. (-: How is Bright doing with his toileting issue? I hope all is well. -Angela

Dani Neumann 10:22 AM  

So relieved you guys are all doing okay- I know everyone who follows you was really worried!

Everything will always turn out how it's supposed to, just remember that. And remember that the more patient and kindness you treat adversity with, the quicker it goes away! I think you definitely have more patience and strength than I'll ever have ^_^

Cora 1:06 PM  

Glad to hear things a getting better. hope that they contiue on that path, take care of that family, Cora

whenpigsfly 4:55 PM  

We have been praying for your familky Anita...always do, but especially for Kendi this last week. Some stomach crud swept through our house with a vengeance catching several of us and hitting HARD! Whiel that was going on satan was o nthe attack here too. It started with my grieiving over Samson and WOW the enemy twisted things to be something entirely different and UGLY. Then the plumbing went out and somewhere in all that we realized that it WAS spiritual attack and we had to get our eyes off the "Stuff" and lift our eyes to our Maker, our Calmer and our Healer. Calm was almost immediately restored. The plumbing took several days more, but I understand!!!!!!!!! Praying that Kendi regain all her strength and you all stay well around her!