Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Please Pray

Kendi has a fever and is vomitting. She's a lot worse now than last night. Don't know what's going on. Can't give meds tonight. Very concerned.


mjohnson 8:16 PM  

Praying for dear Kendi and her Momma--

Dani Neumann 8:28 PM  

Prayers and positive thoughts sent your way!

Michelle 8:57 PM  


From Diapers To Dorms 8:59 PM  

As always Anita, Kendi and your entire family is in our prayers. -Angela

Stephanie 9:13 PM  


Amy 9:46 PM  

Praying my friend! Love you!


Deborah 10:19 PM  

You and your little Diva are in my prayers tonight. I will pray for her strength and your wisdom...and your strength :)

whenpigsfly 11:09 PM  

We will be praying specifically about this Anita! Sweet baby, her body must not know you did a really good thing for her!

Notes From The Frugal Trenches 4:30 AM  

Praying for her and you!

"M" and "C" 8:50 AM  

We're praying

Beckie Sibley 9:20 AM  

(((Anita))) I will keep Kendi AND her sweet family in my prayers. I pray that God will give you and the doctors wisdom for treatment. I also pray that through it all, Kendi will feel your love and commitment to her. I pray for peace and even joy today. Please keep us posted!

Momto15 12:04 PM  


Renee 1:19 PM  

Praying for you ALL!!!


We are Grateful!!! 2:12 PM  

We're praying too!
Love to you all.

Megan 2:50 PM  

Praying for all of you!

Cora 3:59 PM  

Hope she is feeling better today. Take Care.

waitingarms 4:27 PM  

Praying for your sweet baby girl that the doctors can get wisdom and quickly get to the bottom of this and for your mommy's heart which hurts when her baby is hurting.


Renee 11:13 PM  

Still Praying!!!!

Jodie 7:52 AM  

Praying for Kendi....and starting to worry....I keep checking back for updates and havn't seen any yet.....

Rachel 8:27 AM  

Praying Anita. Anything new to report? I hope she's doing better.

Deborah 9:36 AM  

((((((((Dear Anita)))))))
just stopping by to see how the Princess is doing...
still praying!!

Susan 1:18 PM  

Praying for Kendi

waitingarms 1:52 PM  

Still praying.

Amy 2:04 PM  

Still praying... Love you oodles Anita.

American History 6:19 PM  

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