Monday, February 15, 2010

Mickey Button Bliss

Okay, maybe that title isn't quite right, but guess what? I just got finished giving Kendi her medicine WHILE SHE WAS ASLEEP! Yep. She slept. I hooked up the extension set to the mickey button, pushed in the medicine, flushed with water, disconnected the extension set, and closed up the cap. Finite. No more medicine trauma!

Today has gone very well. We were up in our room by around 10:30 this morning after an uneventful mickey placement and recovery. Just what we prayed for. One surprise was the extra scar she is going to have. I didn't know that, because this was placed surgically (rather than endoscopically), there would be a 2 inch vertical incision beside the button. That's a bummer. But the placement is higher and to the side from where Samren's button was. It high enough that the scars may be covered if she wears a tankini sort of bathing suit. So not a big deal, but these are things that I think of when I imagine her as a teenager wanting to pick out her bathing suit. =-)

Kendi has been awesome today. She slept until 2pm, then got up for a bit. She has a low scratchy voice from the breathing tube during surgery. I think her throat hurts, but she doesn't have the vocab to share that with me. At one point she stopped talking, which I took as her way of saying, "I need pain medicine now." After she got pain medicine all she could do was ask to EAT! The girl scarfed a huge banana in about four bites!

The room is awesome. We're at the same hospital that Samren was at six years ago, and that Eric was at a month ago. But they just opened a new Children's Hospital off the main hospital. It is far above the "regular" hospital or the "children's floor" of old! The room is twice as large. Caregivers can order food from the hospital cafeteria, there is a twin fold out bed AND recliner in the room. Not to mention a flat screen TV with remote (rather than the button where you have to go one way through 50 channels), a DVD player and a video game console. Seriously?! They keep asking me if I need anything. Man. I would have loved to have this room the entire week I was sleeping on a 24 inch wide love seat in Eric's room! LOL!

I don't know what time we're supposed to get out of here tomorrow. Hopefully sooner rather than later. As nice as the room is, we'd both rather be home. =-)

FYI, to those who might need correspondence from me: It seems that my electric adaptor for the computer is going out. I've got like an hour of time left on my computer before I'm "in the dark" unless the thing starts to work again. I plan on being home by tomorrow night, if not earlier.

P.S. Wish I would have brought my camera. She has made so many cute faces today (on the drugs and all)!


Michelle 9:55 PM  

So glad to hear things went well. You were in my thoughts and prayers today.

Amy 10:22 PM  

Yea! Glad to hear that all went well and that the medicine drama is over. I am so happy for you. Love you Miss Anita!


The Hullingers 10:28 PM  

I've been praying for your beautiful girl. I'm so happy to hear that Kendi's surgery went well and the button is already helping with her meds.

Andrea 8:28 AM  

So glad all went well! I LOVE being able to do meds while E is asleep if I have to. :o)

From Diapers To Dorms 3:26 PM  

We're all very happy to hear that everything went well. Can't wait for an update. (-: Thanks for taking the time to share.