Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Little Nana and his Auntie Comfort

I found out this afternoon that Sampson was lovingly referred to as "Nana" at Eban House. This is a Ghanaian nickname meaning "Prince."

Nana's adoptive family has posted on their blog, and said that I can share their blog with others. Please visit and support them. "Journey to Our Son/Adopting By Faith"

A wonderful Canadian family is currently living in the guest quarters at Eban House. As you can imagine, Nana's death is very real to this dear family. You can read their blog by visiting "Journey to the Center of the Earth."

There is an Auntie at Eban House that is very dear to our family. Actually, I think she is very dear to most every family who has ever adopted from Eban House. Auntie Comfort is like a mother to all at Eban House--including our staff. She is safe, and soft, and wise, and good. The love of God just pours out of her. Personally, I think that's why everybody falls in love with her. I think that's why every person feels that THEIR child was the most special to Auntie Comfort.

We display the photo above in our home, because Auntie Comfort was such a big part of Kendi's life at Eban House. It was Auntie Comfort who decided Kendi's HIV didn't matter one bit, and she would love her anyway. She led the staff by example. Before long, the fear of HIV that is present in most Ghanaians had melted away. Auntie Comfort broke down that barrier.

Tonight I was the first one to tell Auntie Comfort about Sampson's death. I didn't know I would be giving her the news; I thought I was calling just to comfort her. At first it just didn't register for her. She thought I was telling her Eric had died. When she realized I was talking about Sampson, deep guttural grief started coming out of her. "No Jesus. Not my Sampson. No Jesus. Jesus, Jesus, help me." I learned tonight that to Auntie Comfort AND her family Sampson was an extremely special child. A very loved child. Auntie Comfort slept with Sampson on her chest, so that she could be sure he was breathing. He called her "mama." He had a soul connection with her, and she with him. It is one thing to feel my own sadness over Sampson. It's another thing to hear such raw grief coming from someone I love dearly. Remember our Auntie Comfort and her family in your prayers. They are grieving the loss of a family member, even if it wasn't through blood or adoption. It was through love.
Even though Sampson wasn't in his bio mom's arms, and he wasn't in his adoptive mom's arms, he was in arms that loved him deeply.


From Diapers To Dorms 10:41 PM  

What a beautifully uplifting post! Thanks Anita. -Angela (PS- Feel free to check your e-mail. Take your time though of course. I know we played e-mail tag this afternoon and there is a response in there about little Miss M. as I'll call her until I have permission to do otherwise.)

Jess 1:34 AM  

I have seen auntie comforts love for sampson... she loved him dearly.

Chris 9:38 AM  
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Chris 9:39 AM  

Sending up prayers for comfort and peace for all those connected with this sweet little boy. Thank you for sharing your story
- a friend of Jess.

Dani Neumann 2:29 PM  

I am eternally grateful that Sampson and many other have Auntie Comfort. What an amazing woman...