Thursday, February 11, 2010

Today at Eban House

Today at Ebay House, the children and staff learned about Sampson's passing. Very close to Eban House is a small children's home called Charity Kingdom Orphanage. CKO is actually in the "old" Eban House. It's a neat connection. John, the director of CKO, is also a pastor. He came to Eban House today to lead the children and staff in a sort of memorial/prayer time for Sampson. This was a time when the children could express themselves in whatever way they needed to.
For those that don't know, Christianity is more than just Christianity in S. Ghana. It's a deep part of the everyday culture. In America very "churchy" people quote verses during regular conversation. In S. Ghana, almost everybody speaks this way. Even people that aren't Christians can definitely "talk the talk," as they grow up hearing it each day.
Eban House is not a Christian home. AAI is a secular agency without any religious affiliation. Families of all faiths are welcome to adopt through our program. That being said, because Christianity is so deep within the CULTURE of S. Ghana it would be very abnormal if we did not allow Christianity within Eban House. The children have deeply Christian beliefs. To remove them from their faith would just be wrong. [And in the same vein, if a Muslim child joined us at Eban House that child would be allowed to continue in their faith.] So the children say prayers, and they attend church, and like most others in Ghana, they speak with a Christian flare. When there is tragedy, a pastor is called in to lead and pray. That's the way it is. This is what brings comfort.
Thanks again to John for "being there" for us today, and always.


Amy 10:14 PM  

I can't even imagine how difficult this loss is for the kids and the Aunties. I sure hope that God's love was felt by them all today and am glad John could be there.

Love you and am praying for you too...


Jess 3:41 AM  

We have been away from eban house a couple of days... I was glad to see this memorial they did with the kids - thanks for posting this. We are going back today and I will be giving extra hugs & love.