Friday, February 19, 2010

One FABUlous Friend!

There are some people in this world that can make me smile even on the darkest of days. My friend Amy "Fabu" is one of those people. It was such a God thing that I happened to be in Ghana the same time she was. We got to sit up late at night telling stories and eating normally "forbidden" foods. [For her it's peanut butter, since her son has a peanut allergy. For me it's Nutella because really, none of us should eat something so horrible for us unless we are half way around the world!]

Earlier this week was really hard around here. Taevy was going through major "stuff." Kendi was in major pain. Eric was being heavily affected by the prednisone (steroid) he has to take because of the transplant. And Kendi's throwing up after the mickey button placement brought back all kinds of past fears related to when Samren was so sick. It was just a yucky time. Lots of tears around here.

Lo and behold, Wendesday morning a big box arrives from Fabu and family. Oh so fun! I opened it to see 6 individually wrapped gifts, plus a tub of Amy's homeade whipped shea butter! [Taevy says she should market it and name it Famous Fabu.] After we picked up Eric we had plans, so it was later in the evening before we were all home to open our little surprises. I can't tell you what a smile this put on my kids' (and Eric's) faces after a rough few days! Just to feel cared about by someone is such a precious gift in itself.

One by one each person opened their gifts. Fabu has never even met my kids, but she and her family pegged each gift perfectly. And OF COURSE, Fabu sent me my very own tub of Nutella. I will just swipe a little fingerful here and there, and think of her. The most special part of the gift were the homeade cards each of Amy's five children made. Such thoughtful and compassionate children she is raising! The cards all went in my little treasure box, to pull out when I need a bit of encouragement. =-)
We should all have such sweet friends.


Amy 12:16 AM  

Oh Anita- you just made tears come to my eyes. Just little somethings, but your family has been on our hearts so much... I love you and I personally can't imagine having had that experience in Ghana without you. I will treasure you, and our time together, always sweet, incredible friend! Can't wait to show this post to the kids tomorrow! :) Tell Taevy I LOVE her name for the whipped shea butter!!! :)


Amy 12:41 PM  

I just shared this post with the kids and Chester- you made their day, seriously. :) The were so touched that their cards meant so much because they really did put a lot of love into those. You're the best Anita. Thanks for blessing our family today!


Cora 12:09 AM  

What am awesome friend! Enjoy your special treats.

Robin Dodd Photography 12:41 PM  

Amy is AWESOME!!! Her energy is contagious!! I mean, that video they made will make me laugh for awhile...Chester... LOL!!! It's people like her who get you thru it... you know...