Saturday, February 20, 2010

New Do

I've decided to fully embrace the curl/waves in my hair and get a haircut that shows them off a bit. This is less curly/wavy than normal, since the stylist did it after my hair was half dry, but you get the idea. Good????

Please forgive the crazy-faced on. Taevy made me promise to post that one. I guess she thinks that is the real me. =-) Also, no jokes about the brows. I know, I know. They are my daddy's.


mjohnson 6:43 PM  

Wonderful do! Very flattering. Nice to "see" the sweet face that goes with the heart I read about.

Bingaling 7:14 PM  

I love it! I think the new 'do looks great! I just got my hair chopped off this past week, too. It was driving me crazy.

Rachel 7:16 PM  

Very cute! I have always wished my hair was curly/wavy. I'd love my hair to look like yours!

Amy 7:28 PM  

Looks great Miss Anita! Lovely lady!!!


Cora 12:08 AM  

Cute cut, I have a feeling I am going to have to embrace my curls once I cut off the long locks.

We are Grateful!!! 3:49 PM  

Cute and sassy! You deserve to be a little sassy :)

**Heidi** 9:09 PM  

Very cute new do!!!! I too am glad to see the face that goes with the blog :0) I got my twice a year cut last week also.

whenpigsfly 9:59 PM  

I love your new do!!! I am always trying to find new aan fun ways to embrace my curls too. Much easier to work with than against for sure! HEY.You HAVE eyebrows!1 I have to draw mine in coz I just barely have eay...for real. Enjoy them!
CUTE CUTE CUTE Taevy photos and congrats o nthe great shopping trip.You girls did great@

ManyBlessings 8:01 PM  

CUTE!!!!! :)

Renee 8:17 PM  

You are so beautiful inside and out! :o)