Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Today's Special

**Does anybody else remember that show? Today's Special. It was no Nickelodeon back when it was still called Nickelodeon. Gosh I loved that show.**

Today was a pretty slow day. We slept in (heavenly). We only had one appointment--for Kendi.

We met with the Ped GI today. It's the same doc that did Samren's g-tube placement. It was sort of cool to take Samren back and let him meet the guy who made such a difference in his life. The doctor remembered us and was very kind. He agreed to do the placement, which he didn't have to do. Some people would not agree to place a tube just for medicine. The only thing is that the Ped GI isn't a surgeon, so he can't place a mickey button right off the bat. He has to place a PEG tube (you can see Samren's above). It's more of an actual tube. It's placed without surgery--through endoscope. It's less invasive. After 6-8 weeks of healing we can take that out (via endoscopy) and replace it with a mickey button. The tube is more of a pain to deal with, but oh well. We do have a surgeon who said he would place the mickey button immediately, but he couldn't do it until March. PEG tube it is. The Ped GI can place it "within a week."

We did get a peice of discouraging news. The Ped GI said that Kendi's liver is definitely enlarged. There was a medical student who also felt, for educational purposes. I heard them saying something about "2-3". It was in reference to how enlarged the liver was. 2-3 what? Centimeters? Inches? Anybody know? With all of the medicine issues there hasn't been much time to worry about the liver issues. Him confirming that it was enlarged sort of brought all that back up into the forefront. Hopefully we'll get results later in the week.

Bright continues to pass stools regularly. Very regularly. =-) He's doing just great. I could be imagining it, but he seems to be much happier and less stressed over-all. Amazing what a little poop can do.

Samren is so cute with Kendi right now. He really feels like he has a lot to teacher her about this g-tube business! LOL! He keeps showing her his scar and telling her what it feels like, and showing her old pictures. Reality is that he doesn't remember how it felt to be fed through it, but does remember what it was like to have it (we had it for a good year after he stopped using it). Today at the doctor's he asked how Samren was doing. I told him that Samren was healed when he was 3 years old. The doctor looked really amazed. He understands how serious Samren's disease was. He said, "Can I get the names of those people who prayed for him? I could use them on a regular basis around here!"

Taevy's ADHD medicine doesn't seem to be helping much yet, but we have hope. It seems like maybe it's helping a TINY bit during the day because we do notice that she is more "out of it" at night (when the medicine wears off). We'll probably up her dose in a few weeks.

That's about it from here. Just lots of healing going on! Isn't that wonderful?! So much to be thankful for!!!!


From Diapers To Dorms 2:10 PM  

I'm glad to hear that things are going well overall. We're praying that the issue with Kendi's liver is minor and that she does well with the tube.

By the way, my sister and I loved Today's Special when we were little! I remember us getting a big kick out of the episode where Sam's computer gets the hot chocolate spilled on it. That was really a favorite episode for us for some reason. (-: Jeff and Jodie were awesome! What fun!


Zimmerman family 4:11 PM  

What ADHD med is she on? Sometimes you have to try different ones or it is not a high enough dose. We got lucky with Genet on the first try. She is on Concerta. At one point we tried some different ones trying to get her of the stimulant kind, but non-stimulants just don't work for her. Good luck! And let me know if you need to chat about it. Glad to hear about Kendi.

A. Gillispie 9:46 PM  

Hilda, Taevy is on Focalin XR right now. Just 5mg a day. The doc predicted that it won't be a high enough dose, so we will probably double in the next few weeks. She just didn't want to start her on a higher dose if she didn't need it. I think we will need to go up for sure! =-)