Tuesday, February 09, 2010

On Target

Yes, I'm about to do a commercial. Target Pharmacy. Have one? Use them! If there's one thing our family knows, it's pharmacies. We end up going to the pharmacy at least 3-4 times a week between all the meds our family takes. We switched to Target pharmacy about a year ago and have been SO pleased. Let me tell you why you should switch...

1. Personalized medicine bottles. That's right! Each member of your family can choose their own color band to be put around the top of the medicine bottle. In our family, Eric is yellow, I am red, Taevy is blue, Kendi is purple, Samren is green, and Bright (thankfully) doesn't have a color yet. This makes it so easy to keep all the bottles straight. Especially in our family, where the daddy has a vision impairment, this is a great idea!

2. They remember your name. Okay, maybe they don't remember every body's name, but if you have regular scripts they are going to remember you. I don't think a whole lot of people use them (yet!) so there is the feeling of personal care.

3. Easily accessible: If you need to call and ask a question it's very easy to get to a real person who will give you real advice.

4. Good with kids. Every time we are there our kids AT LEAST get stickers. Sometimes they get other little promotional things. Last week they all got wrist bands. Kendi is STILL wearing hers constantly.

5. They admit when they make a mistake, and make up for it. They aren't perfect. Last week they gave us a similar but not exact medication that Eric was prescribed. The result was that Eric's kidney function went down and we had a scare. The thing is, we aren't sure if it's their fault or a miscommunication from the doctor's office. No matter. THEY took responsibility. One of the pharmacists literally cried as she apologized to us. She was worried sick that she may have jeopardized Eric's transplant. She refunded our copay for the medicine. The other pharmacist also apologized profusely for the mistake. She did not charge us a co-pay for the new/corrected medication we picked up today.

6. Above and beyond the call of duty. When we needed pharmacy flavoring to try with Kendi's meds last week, they couldn't legally sell it to us. But they did GIVE it to us, with a promise to restock us with more anytime we needed it. When the found out she was having problems with the crushed pills, they ordered the (very expensive) liquid version of the med "just in case" we wanted to try that this week.

So there you go. That's my commercial for Target pharmacy. They've done well by us. =-)


Cora 9:56 PM  

sounds like you found an awesome pharmacy! It is wonderful to get a personal touch.

Cat 5:49 AM  

We love them too. But ours doesn't give free stuff! Bummer.